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Duty Books

Duty Books

Log On/Log Off Records 

•Each book is used to record the log on and log off times for troopers, investigators, and some support staff, including dispatchers. This helps to maintain a record of who is/was on duty and when. The pages are separated by troopers and investigators and separated by shift and/or sergeant area. The Troop A book shows the road troopers assigned work areas and they are separated by shift.  The investigators portion shows the area of investigation they work in. (i.e. drug vs. criminal) The Troop B book shows the road troopers sergeant areas and shifts and the investigators are separated by criminal and drug and also notes the office they work out of. Both books have a section for the troop area carrier enforcement units, K9s, CSO, and command staff as well.

Trooper Rosters

•The books for each troop area both include a complete roster of troopers and investigators for that area, as well as contact information.

SWAT Information 

•The books have a page that shows the Alpha SWAT team roster. It also shows the list of negotiators for Troop A and Troop B and their contact information. This section also includes instructions on how to page out the SWAT team should it be requested.

ISO On Call List 

•Both books include a list of who is the On-Call sergeant for ISO. The two troop areas handle On-Call duties differently although both have On-Call sergeant lists. Once the sergeant is contacted they will usually, but not always, contact the appropriate investigator(s). In some circumstances, they may request you to call out an investigator. It is important to have as much detail as possible, and do not be surprised if they call you back, as they may have been sleeping, and will need the information repeated once they are fully awake.

Signal & NDOT Contact Information 

•The Troop A duty book includes a list of state intersections where the signals (traffic lights) are the responsibility of the state signal tech for the area and their contact phone numbers.

Select the information you can find in a troop area duty book.

  • SWAT Information
  • Trooper Log on times
  • Abelardo's Take Out Menu
  • NDOT Signal List
  • Offense Code List
  • Trooper Rosters
  • NCIC Instructions
  • ISO On Call List

Troop A Area

Troop A Counties

Troop A is compromised of the following counties: 

1. Cass*

2. Dodge 

3. Douglas 

4. Sarpy 

5. Washington 

*Cass is split and southern half belongs to Troop H*

County Sheriff Offices

Each county has it's own Sheriff department. They are located: 






Douglas and Sarpy Counties

Omaha Police Department 

OPD is divided into 4 precincts, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest. The dividing lines are Dodge St. for north and south and 42nd st for east and west. i.e. 40th and Center would be part of the Southeast precinct as it is south of Dodge St. and east of 42nd St. 

Douglas & Sarpy County Dividing Line 

The dividing street between Douglas and Sarpy county is Harrison St. Incidents that fall in the westbound lanes under the jurisdiction of Douglas County or OPD and incidents that occur in the eastbound lanes fall under the jurisdiction of Sarpy County. 

Troop A Work Areas

Work Areas 

Troopers are assigned to work areas for their shift in an effort to help maintain effective coverage of the entire troop area. The work areas are; Fremont, Blair, I80, West, and South.

Here is what is covered in each area:

  • I80:  Self-explanatory.  
  • South:  Sarpy County and Cass county (generally to Highway 1 is as far as they go, but we can go farther south).    
  • West:  Douglas County 
  • Fremont:  Dodge County 
  • Blair:  Washington County

Decide if the following statements are true or false

  • OPD has 4 precincts.
  • Douglas and Sarpy counties are divided at Giles Road.
  • 72nd is the dividing street for east and west for the OPD precincts
  • Dodge County is in Troop A
  • The Washington County Sheriff's Office is in Blair.

Label the counties.

  • Washington
  • Dodge
  • Douglas
  • Sarpy
  • Cass

Troop B Area

Troop B Counties

Troop B 

Troop B is the largest troop area in Nebraska covering most of the northern half from the Missouri River on the east stretching over 300 miles to the west.  There are 23 counties in the area, most of which are rural.  Norfolk is the largest city and is the location of the Troop B Headquarters Office.  There are small satellite offices throughout the troop area as well.

Troop B is compromised of the following counties: 

Antelope            Boone          Boyd       Brown         Burt        Cedar       Cherry        Colfax        Cuming                 Dakota                Dixon          Holt         Keya Paha                  Knox       Madison      Nance       Pierce              Platte                 Rock            Stanton                       Thurston                 Wayne         Wheeler            

County Sheriff Offices 

The county sheriff offices are located: 










Dakota-Dakota City 



Keya Paha-Springview











Reservations & Jails

Santee Reservation 

  • Located in north central Knox County 

Winnebago & Omaha Reservations

  • Winnebago-located in northern Thurston county, & the southeast corner of Dixon County. Also boards the nothern edge of the Omaha Reservation 
  • Omaha-covers the central & southern parts of Thurston county & the northeast corner of Cuming county 


Not all troopers can enforce law on the reservations.  There is a certification process they need to go through and it takes about a week of classroom and testing.  It is administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  If a trooper isn’t certified, they need to wait for tribal police and be escorted onto the reservation. For calls on Reservations refer to a Troop B Supervisor. 


Not all counties in Troop B have a jail. The troopers have a good handle on where they need to take people. A list of who goes where is on the S drive under Troop B Sheriff Offices and jail information. There is also a MACH Map layer that shows jail locations. There are times when a jail is not able to take a subject due to their gender (There may not be a staff member on duty for that gender) or due to the jail being full.  When a trooper is en route to a jail it is important to call ahead to let that facility know they are en route and to ensure they are able to take the subject. (Even if the trooper does not request the jail be contacted.)

Sergeant Areas

Troop B Sergeant Areas  

Due to the large area covered in Troop B, the sergeants are not shift specific as in Troop A, but cover a certain portion of the troop area. Any troopers stationed in that area fall under their command. The troop area is divided up into 5 sergeant areas. 

There are very limited law enforcement resources in many of the rural areas of Troop B and NSP plays a very significant role.  Back up can be well over 50 miles away so keeping track of who is on duty and where troopers are is very important. Knowing the geography and what areas are where, is very beneficial to know who to look to first, if backup is needed. Troopers can go into other sergeant areas to assist if necessary. 

When it comes to needing assistance, don’t forget to look at Troop C/D/E for assistance as sometimes their units are closer than other B units.

Roll over each marker to see the different sergeant area names. 

Label the Sergeant Area

  • Ainsworth Sergeant Area
  • S. Sioux/Hartington Sergeant Area
  • Norfolk Sergeant Area
  • Wayne/West Point Sergeant Area
  • Columbus Sergeant Area