Customer Service



This is a sample course intended to display some of the features available in FranchiZeTrainer. Let's pretend it is a mandatory course and must be completed with a pass mark before the opening of the store.



Greeting Customers

Greeting Customers

This is all about how you should greet customers at Java Coffee.

Remember the 3 rules:

1. Look at them when they walk in

2. Smile and say “Hello”

3. Ask them if they need any help.

Dealing With Complaints

Dealing with Complaints

When dealing with a customer complaint remember these important steps:

  1. Be serious and take their complaint seriously
  2. do this
  3. and that


Complaints Quiz

Complaints Quiz #1

Should you be funny or serious when answering complaints?

  • Serious
  • Funny
  • No Reaction

Complaints Quiz #2

What is the correct order to deal with a complaint?

  • 1 Acknowledge their is a problem
  • 2 Repeat the problem to the customer
  • 3 Write their contact details down in the complaint book
  • 4 Confirm the manager will contact them and thank them