The Fundamentals of Project Basic

Enhance your vibrant event management skills with an online course in “The fundamentals of
Project Management”.

Plan for success by refining your skills in developing project plans. Identify the key roles of a project manager, analyse the project life cycle and use resourceful project management skills to research, design and plan an event. Equip yourself with skills that will take your event from good to great!

Module 1: Project Management Basics

R&R Innovations is a small company focusing on providing IT infrastructure. Identify the phase in which the financial parameters are established for all of their projects .

The project life cycle communicates the coherent developments of the project.  The Initiation phase provides a project overview, plan and desired outcomes for the project. The second phase is the planning phase of the project. A detailed account of the process is documented outlining and allocating tasks, risk evaluation, criteria for successful completion and communication networks for the project are specified.  The execution/implementation phase puts the plan in to action.  The entire project team is actively involved in delivering the outcomes for the project.  Any changes encountered are dealt with by making revisions to the budget, and project schedule if required.  The final phase is the Evaluation or Close off phase in which the project is completed, and results are analysed for future planning and project management endeavours. A Project review as well as supporting documents such as project report is submitted.  

The project life cycle is depicted and discussed in the Notes.  Visual representations are fundamental in supporting the written content for this learning outcome.  An illustration can assist learners in linking concepts to a visual image which may be easier to process (less content to read and remember).  I will use Smart Art tools in PowerPoint to illustrate the Project Life cycle and I will include Animations (animate each phase to appear individually) and Narrations to create PowerPoint video.  An infographic or Prezi presentation could also enhance the written content.

The assessment tool is a Quiz which will test the association of activities to the appropriate phase. 

  • Define
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation