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Azizi Values

Chairman's Message

“The personal attention we give each client is the reason behind our success. To accommodate the needs of our clients, we work with community leaders to identify the best methods and practices to achieve high level customer satisfaction.”

Mirwais Azizi, Chairman, Azizi Developments

In 1989, the seeds of what became the present-day Azizi Group were planted. More than 27 years later, Azizi Group has progressively achieved dominance in various sectors and international markets. We are dedicated to success within infrastructure, banking and energy sectors, as we believe these are vital components to the growth of an economy. The core strengths of this company are its dedicated employees, management capabilities, successful planning and unique designs.

Team members share and support our vision to work closely with consumers to change their lives beyond what is considered possible. We like to challenge existing paradigms, identify new market trends, and incorporate continuous education and training.

We push the limits and explore new vistas to reach new heights in everything we do, impacting the cultural, social, political, and geographical spheres through our personal beliefs.

CEO's Message

“Our goal is to become the leader in this highly competitive business of property development by constructing premiere projects/developments coupled with personalized hands on approach to property management.”

Farhad Azizi, CEO, Azizi Developments

In the city of dreams, we are one of the dream makers. Dubai tourism is booming each year and by year 2020 more than 20 million visitors are expected. The city’s stubborn insistence to top world records, and bring the world within its geographical confines has made Dubai a name to be reckoned with the world over. We are an important part of that ladder leading to the top. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, becoming a major business hub in the Middle East. In the past couple of years, after the announcement of land ownership by expatriates, an outstanding number of projects have gone underway. Subsequently, projects ranging from the tallest building in the world to exotic hotels, all the way to villas built on manmade islands and the proposal of a futuristic underwater hotel have all been recently announced to the general public. Due to this phenomenon, people from around the world have found a great incentive to invest in this flourishing region.

At Azizi Developments, we specialize in the design, developments, construction and management of real estate properties. Our goal is to become the leader in this highly competitive business of property developments by constructing premiere projects coupled with personalized hands on approach to property management. I, as well as the entire Azizi Developments management and team of employees, wish you a truly unique experience with our company. Hopefully, investing in our projects will allow you to better grasp the extraordinary city of Dubai for what it is and what it will become, with a strong rental yield and high ROI. Also, we hope that our vision and core business principles will be long lasting, marking the road to success.


Easygenerator Team

At Easygenerator, we are proud to employ over 25 of the industry’s most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. 

We bring energy and passion to work everyday, helping each other to do best work possible to unlock our great creative potential. 

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