Project Management

The course will be about organizing the project and clarifying the scope goals and objectives of the project, planning the project and analysing and manage the resources requirements.

Project Personnel

Responsibilities of Project Manager

Defining  responsibilities of Project Manager

The project manager needs to develop a scope detailing what the project will archive, plan the team by creating the team and delegating tasks and also develop the work breakdown structure. The Project Manager have the choice as to which type of team to create and it is the Project Manager’s responsibility to help the team to become great as well as encourage and build them. The project Manager needs to meet the stakeholder’s expectations and keep them updated at all times with the status of the project.

The project manager needs to conduct meetings with the project team, he will need to specify where the team will meet, and who will attend meetings and what topics will be discussed also establish attendance and guidelines rules. One member of the team should be assigned to maintain a project file in a designated location .They will also establish how the team will communicate i.e.  Email, telephone etc.  The project team must have a written plan and determine how long the project is.

The should also have the project management plan that will include the budget-the total cost of the project who will they need a sponsor and take into account the duration, the efforts and the other costs, schedule start and finish date – to determine the duration for the project to be able to finish the project on time and also have major milestones and sets targets. The team needs to minute their meetings all the time to be able to provide feedback to the stakeholders and the steering committee.

1. What is the first step the Project Manager needs to do before starting the project.

Choose one correct answer 

  • Project Manager needs advertise
  • The project manager needs to develop a scope detailing what the project will archive
  • Project Manager needs to call the president

Which are some of Project Managers responsibilities

Choose as many options as you can from options below 

  • Need to encourage team members
  • Have regular meetings with the team
  • Take team out for lunch
  • Watch movies with team during meetings