Module D- SIM Cards

At the end of this course, an agent will be able to distinguish between Republic SIM cards, which phones require SIM cards & why, and how to replace them where necessary.

Intro to Republic Wireless SIM cards

Different tech, different types of SIM cards

The cut lines are outlined in pink:

  • All 3 SIM cards (nano, micro, standard) are different colors in the 3.0 CDMA SIM  
    • Nano - White
    • Micro - Green
    • Standard - Dark Gray


Difference on the nano card 3.0: 


1.0/2.0 SIMs 2 sizes, one punch-out/cut line:

E2, G3 SIM is Micro & X1, X2 is nano:


Moto X (1&2) SIMs are 0000s. Just remember Xs and Os!!

SIM cards are related to our cellular partners. Knowing this, is there a situation you can think of where a SIM card could possibly not be used in a phone? ​(2 of 3)

  • SIM cards are used to store contacts and other phone information
  • Member on a WiFi only plan (1.0/2.0 $5)
  • The phone doesn't support a SIM card

Two different types of tech & plans, two types of SIM cards

1.0/ 2.0 CDMA SIM cards

  • 4G access + plan that supports 4G speed
  • Some phones lose functionality w/o a SIM card

  • NetSuite has a list of all 1.0/2.0 phones that can be activated. NetSuite is the bouncer! Must be on WiFi to activate.

  • Phone sends info to RW/checks MEID (why?), MAC address & MSN.

  • Everything checks -> RW server -> Cell partner (who?)

3.0 GSM & CDMA SIM cards

  • All Cell access (all 3.0 Clear Choice plans)

  • Using WiFi the RW app reaches out to RW servers (app sends IMEI & ICCID, checks if IMEI is on our GSM/CDMA blacklist). RW App/server then reaches out to TMo or CDMA.

  • If a SIM card has been deactivated, and then member tries to reactive, they will get an error: SIM/Phone ineligible

  • Reach out to RW Support and we'll be able to re-activate SIM as long as deactivated w/in 21 days.

  • CDMA SIMs only shipped from NC (April, 2017)

  • GSM SIMs can be shipped out of Opsware by us or ordered on or Amazon

1.0/ 2.0 CDMA SIM cards are a manual process because the phone info is in NetSuite

1.0/ 2.0 CDMA SIM cards 

The Bouncer, NetSuite, needs to know the most up to date info about a phone- a new SIM would change what on the phone? 

Why does a member need it?

Who wouldn’t need a SIM card? 

Why are there different sizes? 

Processing 1/2.0 CDMA SIM cards for Activated or Deactivated Phones

Processing 1/2.0 for Activated SIM cards // How To: A Guide to Processing SIM Card and ICCID Issues for TAC & CA

1. Determine that a SIM card is needed


Bought legacy phone from a 3rd party, doesn't have SIM or SIM is old/getting SIM error.

No 4G data, though plan allows on 1/2.0 Plan (TAC request)

Check the model of phone to make sure it requires a new 1/2.0 SIM card -

Moto X 1st & 2nd Gen need SIM for plans w/data plans (1/2.0)

Moto E 2nd Gen & Moto G 3rd Gen  need SIM for plans w/data plans (1/2.0)


2. Create a FedEx Shipping label


There's a KCS article for creating a shipping label as well.

Locate the member's Opsware Account, under Account Actions, choose Create Shipping Label


After clicking PRINT LABEL, you'll be taken to a page where you can either choose a printer to print, or save as PDF. If your printer selection does not include: \\usore-fps-02\\USORE-REAL, then save as PDF and someone can assist you with setting up the printer:



Now, to the internal note & choosing new SIM card

New ICCID: Scan or carefully type out of the ICCID listed on the correct replacement SIM card (image 1 & 2)

Old ICCID: Can be found on the member's SL for device ID (OW screen grab 1)

Device ID:  SL associated w/device (OW screen grab 1, outlined in red)

Tracking Number of SIM card: You've already copy/pasted this from the label you've created and printed.



Put the SIM card in the envelope, and the label in the label pocket.

FedEx picks up from the front desk around 4P, so be sure to turn in to the front desk before then!

Reply to the member stating a new SIM card has been shipped using the macro: CA > SIM Card Shipped > SIM Error.

  • The macro tells the member to update their "provisioning" after we make the depro/repro and they have received the SIM card - adding the tracking number for their SIM is nice, too.
  • IDEALLY, the member is completing the additional steps listed after  we have completed our processing (depro/repro). The steps are to take place over WiFi.
  • When we depro/repro, it clear all credentials for the member's service line (VoIP service & cell), and then rebuilds them. So now the member needs to VoIP their phone ( VoIP, get it? Republic is a VoIP/cell hybrid?) by dialing: * # * # 8647 # * # * into the dialer. The dialer will clear, and the app will send RW servers the MEID, wifi-mac, serial number for the phone, and the RW servers send the phone a device token (gain permission) to access the credentials associated with that device.
  • If the member is not getting calls/texts over cell, then the 72786 part will clear Sprint credentials, and get new ones!


---------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Update the Sim Card Tracker Spreadsheet

Submit the ICCID changes to the  NetSuite Changes Form <<<<<<<----------------



Once T3 Opens ticket w/notes that ICCID has been changed

Once they have, check for the NEW ICCID and that there are no new or pending activations under the Activations tab in the OW SL.

Check if SIP is blue - Yes? Depro

Under Device Actions, choose Deprovision (NOTE: We only do this for SIM processing 1.0/2.0). Then, under the Activations tab you should see a day/time for deprovision. Refresh until you can confirm this in OW. 

Drop down device actions again, and this time Provision!

Wait a minute or two, and then refresh OW. Under Activations tab, you should now see Provision listed with Deprovision.

Leave an internal note that you've completed the dep/rep

Our depro/repro will have power cycle the phone. Done!

Processing 1/2.0 for Deactivated SIM cards // How To: A Guide to Processing SIM Card and ICCID Issues for TAC & CA


Deactivated SIM cards are different because we cannot depro/repro a phone that is not active on a SL. So the process is a TINY bit different


First Steps are the same

  • Based on the MEID (and if you can find ICCID on the device info page by searching MEID in OW, that's great!) pick the correct SIM card for the member & create label/print
  • Leave an internal note with:
    New ICCID:
    Old ICCID:
    Tracking for the SIM:
  • Macro to member: CA > SIM Card Shipped > Deactivated. The macro tells the member to activate their phone. Then, get back to us so we can finish the updating process.
  • SIM card inventory Doc & Netsuite Change Form.
  • Internal note w/MEID and new ICCID for T3.

Give envelope w/SIM + label to Austin or Andrew

  • T3 will update & say we can depro/repro. 
  • If phone is not yet activated, we can't.
  • Leave internals: Waiting member to activate phone before dep/rep. Member will message back once the phone is activated. Send provisioning steps once the depro/repro is complete. Submitting as Pending.
  • Submit as Pending
  • Member replies - MEID is activated on SL! Depro/Repro if SIP is blue. 
  • Send modified Submitted to Ship > SIM Error (to give instructions on VOIP & 727286)

Troubleshooting Depro/Repro

If we did not add enough digits to ICCID in the Netsuite Change Form Provision will fail or be stuck

To resolve, get correct info and re-submit Netsuite Change Form. Keep your eye on the SL and activation. When Provision completes, the member's VoIP should have no problem.

We sent the wrong SIM card for the device

We'll have to do the whole process again, with a new correct SIM and communicate our mistake to the member if the incorrect SIM has shipped. New SIM should ship overnight.  If the incorrect SIM hasn't shipped yet, we can grab it, switch it w/o letting the member know. This can put the member down hard - they may not be able to use their phone, so we need to recognize this quickly and work to a resolution. We typically notice the issue when Provision is stuck or fails. Netsuite Change form and having T3 update the correct ICCID should then allow the SIM to provision automatically but we will need to monitor the activation.

Processing a 3.0 SIM


How To: A Guide for the SIM Card Tool in Opsware

3.0 GSM SIM cards are a breeze, 4 easy, automated steps only to be used to replace a 3.0 GSM SIM card or for GSM BYOP.

Click into member's account in Opsware.
Under 'Account Actions'
Click Order SIM





SIM Card Order will appear at the bottom of the member's account page.  

Click on the drop down to select a shipping address.

If the shipping address the member is requesting does not show as an option for the Shipping Location, you can add the address through Salesforce and then refresh the Opsware page. SOP: How To: A Guide to Adding or Editing a Shipping Address in Opsware 


As soon as the shipping address is chosen, then the next steps will automatically appear.

  1. Number of SIMs - choose the number of SIM cards needing to ship
  2. Charge for Order - checkbox (If checked, then it will charge the member.  If unchecked, then it will not charge the member - see next step for considerations here)
  3. Shipping Options - choose from drop down shipping options
    • USPS First Class Shipping is our standard option (typically delivers in 3-5 business days).
    • If the ticket is an escalation, a faster shipping option can be chosen.
    • Review the total amount charged to the member. 

      If we do not charge the member for the order, you will see all charges for SIM, taxes, and shipping. Then you will see discounts for SIM, taxes, and shipping.  Cost should be $0.00 for members that are not being charged.



      Press Submit

-----------> Include an internal note for the 3.0 GSM SIM: 

3.0 SIM Card Internal Note


Number of SIMs ordered-

Shipping address-

Charge behavior-

Shipping option-

Order number-



3.0 SIM Card Public Response


Thank you for getting back to us with that information. I have submitted an order for a SIM card to be sent to you. You will receive an email with a tracking number once the order has been processed.


Once you receive the SIM card, you will need to activate the phone. To activate the phone please follow the steps in this link: Activate My Phone.


If there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know. We will gladly answer!



3.0 GSM SIM cards can be activated, deactivated, and activated again and again as long as the GSM SIM card has been active within the last 20 days, not action required from us 


If we do need to send a SIM card out, because the current has been deactivated for more than 20 days, here are guidelines we used when "Charging for a SIM"

If a member's GSM SIM Card becomes deactivated for longer than 20 days, for any reason, they will need a new SIM Card to get the phone reactivated. We should not charge the member for the new SIM Card but send it through the Opsware tool at free of charge for the member.*

*As always, you will need to make sure GSM coverage will work for them and their phone if they are currently on CDMA before sending a new SIM Card. 

  • When you say "any reason," what do you mean? 
    • The reasons could include but are not limited to the following examples:

      • Member cancelled their phone
      • Member sent the phone into Motorola for repair
      • Member got a replacement phone and it doesn't have a working SIM Card
      • Member wants to give their phone to another person to activate on their own account
  • Why?
    • It's not the member's fault that our SIM cards can't be reactivated so we want to make sure that we are not passing this cost onto them. Plus, giving the SIM Card to the member makes a good impression that they will remember in the future.
    • This is a frustrating painpoint for some members. It could cause members to leave RW because they don't want to have to wait and/or keep buying SIM Cards. We should do what we can to make it a better experience. 

What About the Shipping Options? 

  • If you need to overnight the SIM, that's ok. If a member does not have a working phone until they get the SIM Card, please do everything necessary to get them back up and running as soon as possible. 
  • If they have a working phone, you can always choose 2 Day or a different type of shipping method. 
  • Gauge the member's frustration and their current situation to best choose the needed shipping method. 

Should we still charge for BYOP SIM Cards?

  • Yes charge for SIM Cards = If the member is buying the SIM Card for the first time to get the phone activated. The member should purchase their SIM Card through the online RW store. 
  • No charge for SIM Cards = If the member deactivated their BYOP and wants to reactivate with RW service. We should send them a SIM Card through the Opsware tool free of charge.