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The USB stick trick

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The USB trick is a very old trick that still is very accurate.


Hackers or malicious people use it to gain access to your files by installing a small application which can run automatically even if the USB stick is not in autorun mode. Depending on the access you got to the internet it is possilble that the application makes a connection to the outside to transfer your information.


As another possibility, a person might ask you to put an USB stick in your computer to quickly transfer big data. The excuse will be that you won’t need to consume too much bandwidth of the business network, but in the meanwhile it installs a key logger or a hidden application to gain information.

That’s the reason why your company took the measure of disabling all USB ports on your PC.

  • Never put an unknown USB stick in your PC. It might be infected or contain malicious software.
  • Hand over any found USB sticks to your IT department so they can check it in an isolated network.
  • If you want to check the contents of the USB stick you found, put them into your home PC, never in your business PC!

were do you find the security policies

do you put an unknown USB stick in your computer?

  • No
  • yes