Broker Beginnings and Yearly Planning

This is where you will find all the information that is relevant to getting you started in real estate at our offices and grow your independence as an agent at any level.


1. To understand and implement the basic operational procedures of your business.

Short Term Goal:

1. To have a solid business and sales plan by the end of the month.

How To Use This Course

This online course is a supplement (online interactive textbook) to live training and gives you access to the resources you will need to create a career portfolio. 


Introduction: Welcome To The Office and Office Resources

Security and Safety

Supervised office hours are 9am-6pm Mon-Fri except for government holidays. If for any reason you need to use the office beyond normal hours for real estate activities we encourage you to do so.  Our office is your office. 

Each office has a security system in which you will be given a security code if you have not received your code please notify a manager.

To Do

  • Write your code down, email/text it to yourself, or write a digital note.
  • Practice entering the building using your key fob or key pad at all locations.
  • Practice arming and disarming the alarm system 4 times. 

If you are alone in the building during non-supervised office hours please keep the door locks enabled for your safety and the security of the building. 

When leaving please turn off the lights and enable door locks. If porch lights can be turned on in the evening please do so for any agents visiting in later hours. 

What if?

If you happen to set off the alarms, while the alarm is sounding you will need to answer the phone when the security company calls the line, identify yourself and give them the contact number of the manager they ask for.  Numbers are listed by the front desk of every office. Practice accessing each office if you can as each one is a little different so that this doesn't happen to you.

Please watch these videos on Real Estate Agent Safety


More safety videos are located at this website


Office Technology

Printers and Computers

With your security code you can also access the printer for scanning and copying. If your email has not been entered into the printer you will need to enter it manually or scan items to the office so they can forward it to you via email.

Please watch this short video on how to log into an office computer and enter your access code in order to print from the computer. 

Document Shredding Services

Don't leave papers with personal or client information just lying about. We have paper shredding services available so any old copies that contain personal information can be shredded. There is a bin by the printer for documents to be shredded and a service picks up secure bins to shred them.

Connecting To The Office Wifi

Ask the office secretaries to give you the wifi password and they will tell you which wifi network to use it with. 

Connecting Your Personal Computer To The Printer

As each persons computer has different settings, you will need to install the correct printer driver for your device. You can ask a manager, secretary or associate to help connect your personal computer to the printing network. 

Current drivers for our printers can be found here:

Please read the model number on the printer to ensure this link is up to date if for some reason no one has updated the link, more drivers can be found for Ricoh products at 



Floor Time T or F

If you cannot view the form below, please click HERE to open it in a new window.


Floor Time

How do I get floor time?

Floor time is currently scheduled through the front desk staff. The staff sends out an email for the following month and you are able to sign up for available time slots. As the office grows and demand for floor time increases, the time slots will become shorter or include weekend hours.

Why is floor time so great?

Floor time is currently on a volunteer basis. It is a great place to get work done in a non-distracting environment as well as be present for any walk-in or call-in sales leads with little to no effort. 

What if?

If a person cannot cover their assigned shift they need to call or speak with the next assigned agent and offer them the floor time. If that agent is not available then any agent who is in the floor rotation or in the office should be contacted. If you know you will not be able to cover an assigned shift ahead of time, communicate that with the front desk staff so that they can assign it to someone else. It is the responsibility of the Sales Associate to ensure that floor time is covered.

Associate Standards

Associate Standards

1.  Attend weekly sales meetings to be informed about new policies and procedures.

2.  Be on time or communicate tardiness.

3. Be able to access listing information for incoming prospects and callers and be knowledgeable about the local area when on the sales floor.

4.  Be able to wear business appropriate clothing while on the sales floor. Your image is our image. What image do you want to portray?

Ultimate Professional: collared shirts, tie, dress slacks, blouses, dresses, blazers, suit jackets, loafers, heels, name tag

Working Professional: clean untorn jeans or khakis, slack shorts or spring dresses during hot weather, a JLS branded collared shirt, a collared shirt, a blouse, loafers, heels, name tag

Unprofessional: jeans with rips or holes (the current fashion or otherwise), sportswear, exercise clothing, t-shirts or hoodies with non-JLS images, sayings or logos, cut-off shorts, undershirt tank tops or camisoles as a shirt, flip-flops.

Due to the nature of your profession requiring you to often walk into homes undergoing construction or walking through yards with unknown debris possibly in adverse weather, we advise that you wear close-toed shoes. Sandals or open toe heels increase your risk for injury. 

5.  Be able to communicate with the office staff and with others with respect. 

6.  Adopt a growth mindset. As agents we strive to be continually educated through any means and know there is always room for growth personally and professionally. We know that intense growth often occurs alongside increased discomfort, stress or strain. Be willing to meet those comfort zone challenges BOLDLY!

7. Be the agent you'd want to work with. 


Step 1: Broker Set Up

Realtor Welcome Bio

You will need to submit a quick paragraph about yourself that will be emailed to the offices as an introduction. Make sure to email a picture of yourself you'd like to share with everyone else. If you have already done this proceed to the next section.

If you cannot see the form please click here to open it in another window.


Ordering Business Cards and Advertising Compliance

All Your Graphics In One Place

Create a New Folder on your computer named Ads and Flyers and within that folder create a New Folder named Images

Right Click or Save the following images to your new folder named Images. If you have a headshot of yourself save a copy in that folder as well.

All Advertisements or flyers given out must include the following images:

 If using Realtor either type or use trademark symbol after the word Realtor.

The following 3 need to appear on every advert:

Plus your choice of Corporate Logos

There are many more logos and white option for dark backgrounds available on the John L. Scott Intranet resources in the logo library. 


As a Realtor® you are held liable for making sure that any advertisement that you create is compliant with local laws and regulations and that includes your business card.

EASY BUTTON CLICK HERE- Let Bear Printing help you design your business card.

Business Card Necessary Information

We want to encourage you to be creative with your own brand however we want you also know that your business card has items of contact information that are necessary for you to do business both legally and effectively and to treat it as an advertisement. If you choose to create your own please use the following checklist.

1. Your Legal Name (no nicknames or shortened names)

2. Your professional title, if using Realtor also put the trademark symbol ® after it.

3. A Corporate John L. Scott Logo

4. The Office Name and Mailing Address

5. Your Direct Phone Number or Cell Number

6. Your Business Email Address

7. The words: *Some offices are independently owned and operated.

8. An equal housing opportunity logo and a Realtor logo

9. Your Website  and or App Address

10. MOST IMPORTANT Taglines that make promises you can't keep such as, "I'll give you $100 off your next transaction for every referral you send my way" or that might not be true 100% of time such as "I always win" will get you in trouble.  No tagline is better than a false or misleading one.


Office Broker Profile

If you cannot view the form below, please click HERE to open the form in a new window.


Broker Profile Assignment 1 Completion

  • Yes, I have completed my Broker Profile and Realtor Bio/or I have already done this previously.
  • No, I have not yet completed my Broker Profile and Realtor Bio.

My John L. Scott Website


My JLS App and Property Tracker

The link to your app manager

Your App Manager is where you can see the results of sharing your app and get a few more goodies for your email signature.

The Link for your clients

It is your digital business card. It may be even more important than your website url.

Instructions for prospects: 

Opening Question: What have you been using to search for properties? ....Well let me show you what my clients use. 

1. Open up a mobile web browser and simply type   <----insert your username

no need to type "http:" or "www."

Select Continue to download the App from the app store.

*Troubleshooting: If the link does not open open up the app store and search for John L. Scott Mobile Search and download that way.

2. Register for Property Tracker - This is how they can organize what they've seen and save their favorites.


3. Adding you as their agent in Broker Search if it doesn't show up on their screen. Depending on how they download the app they may have to search for you as their broker and add you. They can directly send you an email if they have questions about any property they see. 

4. Show them where they can view the Buyer or Seller's Guide.


Part 1:Download your own app and sign up for property tracker with a secondary or temporary email. That way you will know what it looks like and what clients will receive when they sign up. 

Part 2: Login to the App Manager and save the QR code image to your Ads and Flyers - Images folder you made in the previous lessons.

Challenge: Get 3 people to download your app and give them a tour of it. 


Email Standards and Assignment 2


As new agents all MLS forms or agreements that you submit via email must be CC'd to your manager prior to sending them to their final destination. Your manager will look them over for errors or make suggestions for edits.​


All MLS forms or agreements that you submit via email must be CC'd to your manager prior to sending them to their final destination. Your manager will look them over for errors or make suggestions for edits.​

If you are using an office computer you will be able to check your email via the web version of Microsoft outlook.  

If you are using a personal computer you can use any program to manage your email or this free open source version EM Client

How To Format Your Email Signature

*The web version of Microsoft outlook does not allow images in a signature as well as some mobile phone email apps. For email from your own desktop to look professional first update the settings in your mobile app.


Register and Login to edit your JLS mobile manager profile. 


You'll be able to copy and paste an automatically generated signature like the example below.

You are free to copy and paste your professional photo above your name but know that not all email recipients allow images from senders and the lower images in this signature may or may not show up. 


For mobile and web email signatures they should contain this standard information :

First Name Last Name

Realtor   (or other designation/title)

John L. Scott DuPont    (or other location)

Cell Number: 333-333-3333

Office Number: 333-333-3333

-"I always have time for your referrals"- (or other tagline)

Take an hour to format your emails on your cellphone, on the web, or on your desktop email manager.

Copy and paste the email below, insert your new signature and email it to your manager. SUBJECT Line: (your name) Assignment #2



I solemnly swear I will try to remember to cc my manager for any MLS forms or agreements prior to submitting them to their final destination so that they can be reviewed and corrected if need be.  At the end of each transaction I will print out and securely archive all emails or text messages regarding the transaction. Hopefully you can see my professional signature at the end of this email. Let me know if you can't.

Warmest Regards,

(Insert YOUR PROFESSIONAL Signature)

Assignment 2 Completion

  • Yes, I have sent a professional email to my manager and the office as described in the Email Standards Section.
  • No, I have not yet sent a professional email to my manager and the office as described in the Email Standards Section.

My Online Profiles

Your Personal Profiles


Zillow will be where you get most of your web visitors for a listing. It is important that you sign up for a realtor account. You can join the team of your office and get web referrals as well. As you do transactions you will be able to ask for reviews. 


You can choose to keep your personal and professional profile separate but the reality of being a Realtor is that YOU are your brand and most of your sphere may already be connected to your personal profile. Make sure your profile says what you want it to. It may take a few hours deleting posts or pictures. 

Becoming a Realtor is like running for mayor and how you portray yourself on Facebook is what many in your sphere see you as.

You need to announce to the world that you are Open for BUSINESS! Create a Facebook Business Page to be able to market yourself and run advertisements. 


LinkedIn is like a professional resume and "facebook" among professionals. It is where other professionals size you up and see your contributions. LinkedIn is a great networking tool. 


We've helped make it easy for you. Remember that folder of the graphics we made earlier we have more for you to add. Feel free to take these backgrounds for your Facebook profile. 

Click here to download a folder of professional realtor Facebook profile backgrounds from Breakthrough Broker

Here is a nice photo of the DuPont Office Free For ANY use.

Step 2: Broker Portfolio - Yearly Business Organization

Sales Personality and Assignment 3

Everyone can find their strength in sales but some of us forget where our strengths lie. 

Here is an interesting personality test that is supposed to give you insight into you how your personality can affect your life.

16 Personalities

Take the test and print out your results page.

Find your Personality Type  

Personality Types

ASSIGNMENT 3: Print outs

Two copies of the Strengths and Weaknesses Section of your specific personality and put it in your business plan file or folder. (One copy will be to share with your manager.)

Identify a single weakness that you want to work on as part of your personal professional development in your business plan. 

The following is from Business News Daily 

By Brittney Helmrich, Business News Daily Staff Writer January 25, 2016 06:29 am EST 

 8 Personality Traits of Successful Sales People

It seems like most things in business can be automated and handled via technology, but sales is one of those things that requires real people skills. But not everyone is cut out to be in sales, so what makes a good salesperson?

Thinking about starting a career in sales or looking to hire new employees for your sales team? Make sure you (or your candidates) fit the bill. Here are eight important traits of successful salespeople.

1. They care about customer's interests.

"Being a great sales person is all about adding value and building trust. Your customers want to know you get it, meaning that you understand their challenges, dreams and goals, and have carefully considered why your solution makes sense. And, they want to be sure you have their best interests at heart. They have to be sure you care [more] about their mission and the greater good, than your numbers." – Karin Hurt, CEO, Let's Grow Leaders

2. They're confident.

"All great salespeople have confidence. If you don't believe in your product, you aren't going to make a customer believe in your product. If you can confidently explain how your product or service is going to solve a problem for the customer, then you've got the customer in the palm of your hand. It's all about confidence in sales." – Megan Ingenbrandt, marketing and social media representative, Green Technology Services

3. They're always on.

"A good salesperson also understands being on all the time. She is always aware of her circumstances and surroundings and can see how her product or service might positively impact her environment, and will be prepared to present and make a sale at any moment." – Judy Crockett, retail management consultant and owner, Interactive Marketing & Communication

4. They're not pushy.

"Great salespeople never look like they are selling anything. They are educating, instilling faith and confidence. They are quietly and invisibly demonstrating why customers should believe in them and, in turn, buy from them. Everyone has to sell something. Whether it is cars off the showroom floor, selling your spouse on a New Year's resolution to lose weight or selling your kids on becoming honor students." – Mark Stevens, CEO, MSCO

5. They're resilient.

"Top sales achievers have a unique ability to cope with difficulty, to negotiate obstacles, to optimize performance in the face of adversity. At the heart of resilience is this fact: Top sales professionals are pros at denying that a lost sale is a failure. They take rejection as a personal challenge to succeed with the next customer." – Jim Steele, president and chief customer officer,

6. They're extroverted.

"An extrovert is generally sociable, gets energized by spending time with other people, likes to talk and start conversations and makes friends easily. They also tend to have many interests. This allows a salesperson to be willing to meet people, enjoy the interaction, and talk about many things. The more subjects they can converse about, the better they’re able to connect with the customer." – Dominick Hankle, professor of psychology, Regent University

7. They're good listeners.

"Listening skills are another critical piece for hiring a great salesperson. You have to listen to the customer's pain point before you start selling your product or service. Great sales people sell solutions to problems and they do that by understanding and listening to the customer. If a candidate talks more than they listen, it is a huge red flag when profiling sales candidates." – Timothy Tolan, senior partner, Sanford Rose Associates (affiliate of The Tolan Group)

8. They're skilled at multitasking.

"Multitasking is just a natural occurrence in any sales environment, you have sales you're trying to close, leads you're nurturing and following up on, and potential leads calling or emailing for more information. A great multitasker can keep everything sorted, conducting multiple trains on a one-train track, and this leads to efficiency, which in turn leads to better performance." – Coco Quillen, vice president of operations, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Updated Jan. 25, 2016.

- See more at:



Assignment 3 Completion

  • Yes, I have printed two copies of my personality profile, one for my portfolio and one for my manager.
  • No, I have not yet printed two copies of my personality profile.

Sales Goals and Assignment 4

Every Great Salesperson Knows THEIR NUMBERS.

This spreadsheet will help you see where to focus and track the effects of sales activities for the year, month, and week as it directly relates to your income. 

Part 1: Learn

Click HERE to download your very own copy or use the sample below to follow along.

Part 2: Explore

So how do you hit these numbers? We have narrowed it down to 2 major activities that you can track that get you in front of people to have these discussions. Holding open houses and providing free Comparative Market Analysis for people is a service you provide that gets these conversations started.

Assignment 4: Create a sales goal you think is achievable and print off 2 copies of this form with those goals and put it in your business portfolio (one will be for you to share with your manager).


Assignment 4 Completion

  • Yes, I have completed my sales goals and printed out 2 copies one for me and one for my manager.
  • No, I have not completed my sales goals.

Financial Plan and Assignment 5

"You don't make money without spending money?"

It's true but also dangerous to just spend money not knowing if the rate of return will benefit your business. Your new business will need investments in time and money. Initially those investments will be towards educational expenses and startup costs. You need to have a plan on what you are going to spend money on, where you will get that money, when will you spend that money and if you are running credit - how you will repay that money.  Once you spend the money you need to evaluate whether or not it was worth it. If it isn't, quit spending money on those types of things that claim to help your business but merely distract you from your business. Live and learn.

Here is a sample cost of a new agent startup package (w/links to order).



Name Tag


5 A-Board Signs With Toppers


Open House Supplies


1 Listing Sign


1 MLS Keybox (Purchase at office or NWMLS office)


1 Buyer Book


1 Seller Book


Professional Photos


Business Cards


Approximate Total:

$ 734.00


So now you know why Realtors are sometimes the master of credit card balances at least in the beginning. But that should not be your method of financial planning long term and if you can manage without using a credit card that is even better. Use what freebies you can for as long as you can such as: 

Office A-Boards: Free to use if you can grab them first. Make sure you return them. Fair is fair and the early bird gets the worm.

Blank John L. Scott Business Cards: (The best excuse is that you just ran out of cards and haven't ordered any new ones yet. Fill them out in front of a client to keep them talking to you. - You can thank DuPont Agent Richard Fisk for that one.)

Professional Photo: Call in a favor if you can just make sure it looks professional.

Assignment #5

Download This simple spreadsheet to help you track monthly expenses and payments for the first 2 years.  Clear the examples and fill out the Growing Money from Nothing Plan based on where you are right now in your business. You will want to revisit this spreadsheet monthly to enter new values.

Print 1 copy for your portfolio.

It is OK if you are showing negative numbers in the beginning, most businesses do.  Once you've figured out how to grow an income from Real Estate on a regular basis that works for you, consider a self-directed retirement fund before you vacation in the Bahamas. 


Tracking Mileage

You have two choices for tracking mileage, pen and paper or a mobile app. Feel free to download either, both or find your own way to keep track of one of your major tax breaks.

Assignment 5 Completion

  • Yes, I have filled out my financial plan as best as I can and printed one copy for my portfolio.
  • No, I have not yet printed out my financial plan.

Educational Plan and Assignment 6

Educational Plan for New or Incoming Agents

Incoming Agents complete the following educational course work:

  • A 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals.
  • A 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices.

If you know how long it took you to complete these 90 hours of coursework you can imagine that you'll need to get a head start on your next batch of 90 hours of renewal coursework.

New Agents, for your first renewal you will need to have taken the following required coursework before the end of your first 2 years.

  • 30–hour Advanced Practices Course
  • 30–hour Real Estate Law Course
  • 30 hours of approved continuing education, including a 3–hour Core Course

Here is what your educational plan should look like. Download HERE:


Assignment 6: Print out the Educational Plan for your porfolio. Next visit one of the above websites and schedule a class or two and put them in your personal calendar. Each class you  complete for credit hours make sure to get a receipt for your credit hours and keep all documentation in your portfolio.





Assignment 6 Completion

  • Yes, I have printed off the 2 yr educational plan and registered for at least one free upcoming class.
  • No, I have not yet printed my educational plan and registered for at least one free upcoming class.

Productivity Plan and Assignment 7

Looking Like You Are Put Together

I want you to revisit your sales personality in your portfolio and think when and how you are most productive, is it with a structured schedule or a flowing schedule? Are you a night owl? Do you work better at home or in an office? Where are you most likely to get a lot of work done? What things are necessary to keep your personality motivated? Vacation time, family time, time for hobbies, etc?


Create a 1 Month Calendar and 2 Time Blocked Weeks tailored specifically to your needs based on your Personality, Sales Goals, Educational Plan, Financial Plan and your own life schedule. If creating them online such as google calendar or on your phone please print a copy of them for your portfolio. You may also do this in a paper planner or calendar.

To get started:

Update your personal calendar with your educational Plan.


  • Input your currently scheduled courses and classes if you have not already, These can include CORE or Code of Ethics course, Listing Input Courses, Transaction Desk, MLS for new agents. :::Include Travel Time::::
  • Input a reminder to register for renewal classes 9 months from your start date.
  • Input a reminder to review your course credits at 10 months and 20 months from your start date.

Update your personal calendar with the following

  • Tuesday Business Meetings with time and locations and include travel time.
  • Floor Hours you have signed up and other work hours or commitments.
  • Plan 5 hours of followup. However you want to divide it throughout the week to work on connecting with your sphere or expanding your sphere through phone calls, coffee, lunch, written notes, etc...(some agents like to do it all on one day, some an hour a day.)
  • Plan to hold an open house and include the time it takes to prepare and close the open house give yourself 1 hr prior to prep and 30 minutes to close and collect signs.
  • Figure out which day(s) or half-days each week you will take time for yourself or family and designate them. Tip (Most full time realtors use Thursday or Friday as their full day off....when they can) 
  • Pick the day will you look over your business finances and review your sales and followup progress for 1 hour.

Create your 2 Time Blocked Weeks

  • From the calendar you've created above it should be pretty easy to see where your available time is
  • Take a look at each day and put in Daily Necessities that will make you happy such as exercise time, meal times, relax times. etc.  Do this for two weeks and print out 2 or 3 copies, 1 for your portfolio, 1 for home, and 1 for the office. 
  • Pro Tip ( A good time to make your future 2 weeks at a glance is after the business meetings, that way you have access to announcements and courses that were announced in the business meetings and sets a regular time to adjust and edit your schedule)

1 Time Blocked Week

Here is a word template for a weekly time block make two weeks.






Assignment 7 Completion

  • Yes, I have created and printed my personal productivity calendars and time blocking.
  • No, I have not yet created and printed a personal productivity calendar and time block.