Lean - Foundation Level (copy)


Learning Objectives

  • Start “thinking Lean”
  • Acquire basic knowledge of Lean tools for removing waste and enhancing customer value
  • Begin to apply Lean in your area of work through Lean projects
  • Get certified as Lean Expert



  • Module I - What is Lean?
  • Module II - History
  • Module III - Lean Principles
  • Module IV - Lean Concepts and Tools
  • Module V – Case Studies

Module 1 - What is Lean ? (copy)

Module I - What is Lean?

What is Waste?

What is Value?


How Lean helps us Understand?

Pricing Model

Lean helps us understand what adds value to our customers

  • True
  • False

Value is

  • any activity that consumes time, resources, or space
  • A capability provided to customer at the right time, place and as defined by the customer
  • Repetitive tasks that can be automated

Module 2  History of lean (copy)

How Lean Started?

How Lean Started? ….continued

Takzeit is

  • Peak production to meet customer demand
  • Pulse rate at which each “unit” needs to be completed to meet customer demand
  • Productivity improvement to meet customer demand
  • Employees at peak to meet customer demand

Module 3 - Lean Principles (copy)

The 5 Lean Principles

1. Specify Value

1. Specify Value - How do we Define Value Added (VA)?

1. Specify Value - Non-Value Added (NVA) Activity

1. Specify Value - Value add / Non value added Activities

2. Identify the Value Stream

3. Flow

4. Pull

5. Perfection

Which of the following is not a criteria to define value-added activities?

  • It must transform the product or service.
  • The customer must be willing to “pay” for it.
  • It must be done correctly the first time.
  • The management must be willing to “pay” for it.

Identify VA/NVA

  • Chasing a late stationery order
    Non Value Add
  • Online order of flight tickets
    Value Add
  • Receiving unwanted products into a warehouse
    Non Value Add
  • A customer extending their order
    Value Add

Module IV - Lean Concepts and Tools (copy)

Lean Concepts and Tools

Value Stream Map

An example

Identifying Muda