Water Cycle

The Water Cycle 


What is happening in the video?

  • The lady is trying to send water molecules into the air.
  • The lady is trying to condense the water.
  • The lady is trying to create precipitation.

Evaporation is the process where liquid water is turned to liquid gas. This happens when water is heated. Think of a pot on a stove. When that water is heated, we see water vapor above it. When liquid water is heated up, some of the molecules become gas.

Fill in the blank.

Liquid is changed to gas when the liquid is 

Single Choice.

  • Evaporation is the process of liquid turning to gas.
  • Evaporation is the process of gas turning to liquid.


Explain evaporation. 

True or False.

  • Evaporation only takes place in oceans.
  • Heat is what causes evaporation.

Does the following image show evaporation?


Condensation is the process when water vapor is changed into liquid water. This happens when the water is cooled, and the water molecules slow down and come back together.

Does the following show condensation?

  • Yes
  • No

True or False.

  • Condensation only happens in winter.
  • Condensation only happens in summer.

What causes water vapor to change to water liquid?

Which of the following shows condensation?

Fill in the blank.

Condensation occurs when water molecules are