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About Us


Who is Urth Energy

Who is Urth Energy

  • 100% Australian Owned Business
  • Licensed Electricity Retailer
  • Competitive Electricity Rates
  • Boutique set of electricity cost reduction strategies
  • Experienced Developer of Distributed Solar Farms, provided approximately 6MW to 60 commercial businesses to date

Vision of Urth Energy

What is the vision of Urth Energy

  • Don’t follow the other retailers in competing on price alone we incorporate high feed in tariffs in conjunction with pay on time discounts
  • Be the leader in the provision of renewable energy contracts through Power Purchase Agreements (called Urth Saver) and Embedded Network Solutions (called Urth WinWin)
  • Boutique Retailer, our offers are specifically designed to reward residential and commercial customers who are contributing to the preservation of our planet through Solar.


Urth Saver

Urth Saver

  • Urth Energy funds the solar system that is installed on the customers premises
  • Urth Energy owns, maintains and insures the solar system
  • No point does the customer pay one cent for the installation of the solar system
  • Urth Energy merely sells the electricity that is generated from the solar system directly to the customer at a significantly discounted price

Urth WinWin

Urth WinWin

  • Urth Energy install an embedded network and solar system
  • Multi tenanted premises
  • Royalties paid to building owner
  • Discounts guaranteed for tenants


10c Bonus Feed in Tariff

Urth 10c Bonus Feed in Tariff

  • Urth Energy’s general market offer
  • Offered to those with existing solar installation
  • 10c Bonus Feed in Tariff plus any applicable state based Feed in Tariff
  • 3 year electricity contract
  • No Exit Fees
  • Competitive electricity rates
  • Limited to 100kW but Urth will consider larger systems
  • Available in NSW, Queensland (Energex network only) and South Australia

20c Bonus Feed in Tariff

Urth 20c Bonus Feed in Tariff

  • Offered to those considering purchasing a New or Upgrading* solar installation
  • Only available to customers who purchase through Urth preferred solar partners
  • 20c Bonus Feed in Tariff ( capped at 25% of solar system size & generation – depending on location)
  • 3 year electricity contract
  • No Exit Fees
  • Competitive electricity rates
  • Limited to 100kW
  • Available in NSW, Queensland, ACT, South Australia

*Conditions apply