GR021 Concur Expense System Training

Welcome to Concur - our cloud-based Expense Claim Management system.  This system will be rolled out on 30 November 2016.  All expenses incurred from 1 December 2016 are to be processed only in Concur.

Welcome to Concur - Please ensure you are comfortable using Concur before processing your next expense claim.

Concur Expense System (Powerpoint slides)

Please feel free to progress through the powerpoint slides at your own pace or click play arrow below to progress through the slides automatically. When you have finished or wish to proceed through the course, click on the Next button.


Concur Expense System (Webex recording)

If you would like to be guided through the Concur powerpoint slides please play the webex recording below. Click the NEXT button to continue to the quiz question at the end of the course.


What is Concur?

  • Concur is the new Expense Management System
  • Concur is a cloud-based system
  • Concur is accessible on all device types
  • All of the above
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