CCIS Installation Overview- Ecolab 2016

Introduction & Overview

Installation Instructions Overview

Ecolab Introduction

Ecolab Sobeys Project Overview

Ecolab Install Instruction Guide

Introduction to Ecolab–Sobeys Project

Ecolab Sobeys Project Overview

Electronic Sign Off

Invoicing Process

Site Conduct

A sign off must be completed by the team lead technician:

Reading the provided Ecolab Install Instruction Guide is:

Which of the following behaviors is acceptable:

Tools & Saftey

Personal Protective Equipment

Tool Safety


Required Tools

Which types of PPE need to be worn at all times?

You will need a safety vest and hardhat with you for sites that require them:

Your drill should:

You are responsible for providing & maintaining your own tools:

Equipment Removal & Chemicals

Equipment Removal

Equipment Removal


Which of the following IS NOT true?

Click & Clean Dispenser

Click & Clean Dispenser- Overview

Selecting where to mount the dispenser

Mounting the Dispenser (1/3)

Mounting the Dispenser (2/3)

Mounting the Dispenser (3/3)

Installing Tubing (1/2)

Installing Tubing (2/2)

Installing Discharge & Water Supply

Installing Product Racks

Installing Test Strip Holder

Reverse Sink Install & Wallchart

Prepping for Use

Where should the dispenser NEVER be mounted?

What is the preferred method of cleaning up dust made from drilling?

Where should the test strip holder be mounted?

Additional Equipment

Exacta Bottle/Mop Fill Dispenser Overview

Exacta Bottle/Mop Fill Dispenser Diagrams

3 Lever Foamer Introduction

3 Lever Foamer Overview

3 Lever Foamer Schematics/ Parts

Soil Away Dish Machine Dispenser Installation

Metering Tips

Soap Dispenser Example

What purpose do metering tips serve?

Select the Click & Clean unit

Select the 3 Lever foamer unit

Select the Exacta Mop Fill units

Thank You & Ecolab Document Quiz

Ecolab Install Instructions Quiz

What two areas should install teams start with?

What product should be placed in the Meat Room at the start of the day?

Which of the following can be disposed of?

All old materials to be disposed of should be placed on a pallet in the storage area.

Thank you