CCIS Installation Overview- Ecolab 2016

Introduction & Overview

Installation Instructions Overview


Ecolab Introduction



Ecolab Sobeys Project Overview


  • Ecolab is a chemical company that provides various forms of cleaning chemicals and sanitizers to businesses like restaurants, retailers, hotels and grocery stores.
  • Ecolab has recently won a bid to re-outfit the Sobeys grocery chain with their products, right across Canada.

Ecolab Install Instruction Guide


  • Please also refer to the Install Instructions Guide provided by Ecolab (sent out to all technicians via email).
  • It contains vital information that will be presented to you by the Ecolab team on May 16th, in addition to our training document you are reading right now. Content will include:
    • department instructions
    • competitor equipment removal
    • equipment installation
    • safety and expectations
  • Note that reviewing both this course as well as the Ecolab provided guide (see cover to right) is both essential and necessary.
  • There will be a series of questions at the end of this course covering content in the Ecolab document. 

Introduction to Ecolab–Sobeys Project

Equipment is installed at various locations throughout the store: bathrooms, meat dept, bakery, seafood, deli, etc.

Equipment to be installed:

  • Soap and sanitizer dispensers
    • Sink dilution units
    • Mop closet dilution units
    • Foamer dilution units
    • Warewash (dish or glass wash machine)

Ecolab Sobeys Project Overview

What CCIS is requested to do:

  • Follow Ecolab reps guidance on what, where, and how to install.
  • CCIS techs will be required to bring their own tools.
  • Techs MUST be dressed in clean and well-presented CCIS apparel, pants, safety/ non-skid shoes, safety glasses, and a photo ID badge.


What Ecolab will provide:

  • 2 Ecolab reps at every site.
  • Deliver and organize all equipment, product & material with them.
  • Training of equipment to the end users (Sobeys Employees).


Tech Expectations:

  • Your day will start between 7:00am – 8:00am, depending on site.
  • Promptness is vital, as lateness results in financial penalty to CCIS and as a result each Technician.
  • CCIS techs are expected to follow Ecolab’s lead in all aspects, once you have developed a good working process with the Ecolab team you can share insights or recommendations, however we recommended following the Ecolab guidelines exactly to ensure trust and efficiency.

Electronic Sign Off


The lead technician of each team will be required to submit an electronic sign off form for each site completed.


The sign off can be completed from a laptop computer or a smartphone. A URL link will be provided.


Your submissions play a critical part in reporting and project management. As such, these submissions are mandatory.



Invoicing Process


Specific instructions will be sent to you and your teams by Fanika .


Site Conduct


Good housekeeping standards must be maintained in all work areas at all times. The contractor must:


  • Clean up any dust that may result from drilling for installations
  • Must clean up any spills/debris/dust that results from transportation of equipment or construction
  • Clean up any debris left from old equipment.
  • Maintain a clean and organized working area where product is staged/stored.



Smoking is strictly prohibited inside site buildings. If you are a smoker please abide by the sites designated smoking areas.


No food, drink, or gum chewing is allowed in your work area.




A sign off must be completed by the team lead technician:

  • For every dispenser installed.
  • For every site installed.
  • At the end of each working day.

Reading the provided Ecolab Install Instruction Guide is:

  • Mandatory
  • Optional

Which of the following behaviors is acceptable:

  • Cleaning up dust & debris
  • Eating & drinking in your work area
  • Smoking outside of designated smoking areas
  • Chewing gum while you work

Tools & Saftey

Personal Protective Equipment


The safety and well-being of our technicians is and always will be of great concern to our CCIS, safety has to be first when starting any job and wearing proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), especially proper eye wear is mandatory while on a CCIS site.


It does not matter whether it is simply removing a soap dispenser or installing dilution units, there are hazards in what we do each and every day. Identifying and taking steps to minimize these hazards goes a long way in protecting your safety.

Tool Safety


  • Safety Glasses and CSA Approved Steel Toed Boots/shoes are mandatory (you should always have a safety vest and hardhat with you for all sites.).
  • All other types of personal protective equipment, as determined by the work being performed, must be worn and maintained in good condition. Failure to do so may result in removal from site.
  • All Power and Hand Tools used for job activities are the responsibility of technician, and must be kept/stored safely when not in use.
  • Obey all safety and warning signs.
  • Hand tools must be kept in good condition. Replace damaged tools to avoid any incidents
  • Always wear rubber gloves when handling chemicals; they are very harsh.



  • The Ecolab install supervisor will ensure that the store is given a minimum of 2 MSDS sets. They will also trade out one for one, any MSDS binder set they find in any departments, using the existing binder currently used by the competitor. We will then relabel that binder with an Ecolab insert logo sheet that has already been provided to the supervisor.

Required Tools


Cordless variable speed Drill and Impact Driver – 12V, 18V, or higher preferred, w/charger & extra battery

1/8” HSS or Colbalt drill bit for drilling pilot holes in stainless steel


  • ¼” masonry bit
  • ¼” standard drill bit
  • 1/8" HSS bit for Drilling Stainless Steel
  • 5/16” nut driver to Fit Impact with 6 inch ext.
  • ¼” nut driver
  • Plastic tubing cutter
  • Utility knife
  • Channel Lock Pliers
  • Adjustable Wrench (Crescent Wrench)
  • Small hammer
  • Torpedo level
  • Slotted & Phillips screw drivers
  • 5/16” Allen wrench
  • 3/8” Allen wrench
  • Magic marker
  • Scraper
  • Rag


Which types of PPE need to be worn at all times?

  • Safety Glasses
  • Hardhats
  • Harnesses
  • CSA Approved Steel Toed Boots/Shoes
  • Respirators

You will need a safety vest and hardhat with you for sites that require them:

  • True
  • False

Your drill should:

  • Be cordless
  • Come with an extra battery & charger
  • Be at least 12v

You are responsible for providing & maintaining your own tools:

  • True
  • False

Equipment Removal & Chemicals

Equipment Removal


To remove old equipment:

  1. Remove Discharge Tubing
  2. Remove Product Tubing by making a small vertical cut in the tubing the same length of the barbed fitting then gently pull away from dispenser. Take extra Care when dealing with Sanitizer.
  3. Remove Water Supply Line and all dispenser mounting screws
  4. Remove all WP Wall Charts, Racks and Clean Wall area where new equipment is to be mounted.

Below are the 3 main types of Dispensers we will be removing. 


Equipment Removal


Please DO NOT discard any equipment, all equipment will be placed on a pallet in Shipping Dept.