Sports & Entertainment Marketing Chapter 5

Reaching For Data

Reaching For Data

  • marketing research
    • gathers data
    • identifies solutions to marketing problems

Who is Buying?

  • syndicated research
    • research conducted by an independent company
    • offered for sale to everyone in an industry.

USA Today Survey

Over people vote to "save" or "kill" shows that are under consideration for cancellation by their television networks.

Engaging Customers

  • polls
    • surveys of people's opinions
  • engaged customers
    • repeat customers who are completely loyal to a company's products and services
  • It is five times as expensive to attract the business of new customers as it is to retain the loyalty of current customers.

International Marketing Research firm

The is an international marketing research firm that uses special software to conduct polls.

Who is Buying?

Why do businesses need marketing information?

Careers In Marketing Research

Careers in Marketing Research

  • Marketing researchers collect and analyze competitive data.
    • provide clients (businesses that have hired them) with strategic recommendations

Careers in Marketing Research

Marketing research careers will increase by through 2014.

Client-side researchers

A staff researcher who co-ordinates the research efforts of marketing research firms

Major researching firm

is a major marketing research firm that was founded in . This research firm is most known for its  ratings.


A trend is a current style or preference

Researchers like to explore  and look for 

On the Job

Director of Marketing

  • drives profitable revenue for assigned products
  • manages a team
  • tracks sales
  • creates schedules and action plans
  • develops training materials
  • makes presentations

Describe four of the job functions of a marketing researcher.

Syndicated research is

  • conducted by client-side researchers
  • conducted by independent companies
  • conducted for one specific client
  • none of the above

Most marketing researchers

  • like to explore new ideas and trends
  • need an advanced college degree
  • gain experience by assisting in conducting surveys
  • all of the above

Why would presentation skills be important to a marketing research director?

Provide two examples of how presentation skills might be used by a marketing research director?