Project management for newbies!

Greetings learner! Welcome to the Project Mangement for Newbies. By now you have made a fantastic decision in pursuing project management education. As a Newbie, we encourage to learn, engage and contribute during the tenure of this programme. Here we will cover items such as Project management definitions, the life cycle and various best practices in the realm of Project management. 

Understanding Project management best practices

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The Project management life cycle

The Project management life cycle is essentially a worldwide methodology used in narrowing the focus or priorities of a project. The life cycle comprises of 5 phases of project management: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Closure

Define: This is essentially the very first step in a project after assembling a project team. This would comprise of a project statement/ definition statement indicating what is the main priority that will need to be accomplished. Untitled content

Plan: This phase will also comprise of the most important component in project management, the Project plan. This will comprise of a detailed strategy and the 9 knowledge areas of project management

How many phases are there in the project management life cycle?

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Brief and implementation: These 2 phases will work closely together. This is where the “how” is done, closely ties in with the project plan where the project activities, after determing accountability, are assessed and monitored.

Evaluate: This is the last phase in the project life cycle and looks at all of the project activities associated with project closure. The main output in project closure will be a final project report, with the findings sent to the main stakeholder