Simple Present Tense

You can learn when and how to write sentences in the Simple Present Tense.

When to use the Simple Present Tense:

Adverbs & Adverbial Phrases of Frequency

It is very common to find adverbs of frequency or adverbial phrases of frequency in sentences in the simple present tense.

Adverbs of Frequency:

  • always
  • usually
  • often
  • sometimes
  • rarely / seldom
  • never

Adverbial Phrases of Frequency:

  • every day / night / week / month / year
  • once a week / month / year
  • twice a week / month / year
  • three times a week / month / year

Question 1

John  plays basketball on Mondays.

Question 2

He  reads on Mondays but   on Wednesdays.

Question 3

He  plays tennis on Tuesdays.


Question 4

He  goes jogging on Wednesdays.

Question 5

He  goes to the supermarket on Thursdays but  on Saturdays.

Question 6

He  watch TV on Fridays and   on Mondays.

Question 7

He   goes swimming on Saturdays.

Question 8

He  goes swimming or windsurfing on weekdays.