A Well developed Project Plan

How to construct a well developed and successful project plan every time.

Discuss the project plan scope & other key components with project team members and stakeholders

What are the key components of the project plan

Key to the success of any project plan is understanding and appreciating the scope of your deliverable. But what are your deliverables? It is vital to firstly have a breakdown of all work involved in the project. By doing this you will be able to define milestones to be reached throughout the project. These milestones must be communicated to all key project personnel. In addition to these milestones, is when should they be reached. What are the timelines. A successful project has critical checkpoints that need to be reached at particular timelines throughout the project.

A project’s performance must be measured for the duration of the project. How did the project start, and how did it end? What was its impact? Elements to measure would be time taken, costs incurred and the scope of project covered. Did the team perform well and what is the determination regarding the success or failure of the project plan? Useful tools to assist in determining these elements would be your budget plan, diagrams illustrating organization of work, graphic rating scale of what was achieved.  

Deviations are probable on any project. It is important to pay attention to even small deviations and also different time frames when managing (or rectifying) deviations. Deviations may cause uncertainty and ambiguity within the team. Ensure that the project team and stakeholders have all relevant project information in order to problem solve and propose multiple solutions to any deviations.

At the heart of any successful project is an effective team. Selecting an effective and efficient team is vital for the success of the project. Identify the core team members and stakeholders and assign accountabilities and responsibilities. It is vital that all involved parties understand their role throughout the project.  A stakeholder/team member matrix is useful to illustrate “who does what” (See Figure 1: Stakeholder/team member matrix below).

  • workflow analysis
  • cars to get to meetings
  • comfortable chairs at meetings
  • coffee machine for team operation centre