Practice 100 - Marketing Effectiveness

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 100 level practices, Marketing Effectiveness especially.


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(Marketing Effectiveness) What are the 3 R’s in the Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness Framework

  • Response, Results & Returns
  • Reach, Response & Returns
  • Reach, Resonance & Reaction
  • Research, Response & Resonance

(Marketing Effectiveness) Which description correctly describes the meaning of the 3 R’s

  • Reach the profit target, Resonate with shareholders & the stock price will React
  • Reach the right consumers, Resonate effectively with your advertising and they will React in market
  • Reach the right market share, Resonate with retailers & the competition will React

(Marketing Effectiveness) Correctly choose if the statement is true or false

  • Promotions are generally more effective than advertising in achieving short-term brand objectives, such as sales lift or pantry loading
  • Touchpoint Models help us to understand advertisements effectiveness in communicating brand messaging.
  • Brand Lift is the key measure used in evaluating the effectiveness of a particular medium in reaching the target consumer

(Marketing Effectiveness) Marketing in “The New Normal” is different because…

  • The growth of on-line and mobile penetration is dramatically changing the way consumers interact & purchase brands
  • The economic slowdown is forcing marketers to re-think their investments carefully and find a more optimal mix
  • As new media channels emerge, advertisers need to evaluate effectiveness vs. traditional media channels
  • Ultimately, advertisers must re-think the way they reach their target consumers, and resonate with them through various medium
  • All of the above

(Marketing Effectiveness) Match the term with the correct definition

  • Paid Media
    TV or Radio Advertisement
  • GRP
    % of Target Group reached by advertising
  • Impression
    An exposure to advertising
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
    % of impressions resulting in a click
  • Cookie
    Software code to track user behavior
  • Earned Media
    A mention of a brand on Social Media
  • Owned Media
    Company web-site

(Marketing Effectiveness) What are the 3 ways that Nielsen assists advertisers in improving resonance

  • Help advertisers identify white spaces for creative ideas
  • Help advertisers optimize creative ideas
  • Help advertisers to measure the performance of their advertising in changing consumer perceptions
  • Help advertisers to negotiate with media owners for better ad placement
  • Help advertisers to understand on which media channels the ad is performing best

(Marketing Effectiveness) Match the client need with single or combination of resonance solutions to answer his question

  • My agency has developed a few directions for my next advertising. I need to know which creative direction resonates the most with my target audience
    Neuro Focus is perfect for evaluating directions in the early stages, before the final direction has been selected. It can help advertisers to understand it’s potential impact and help to fine tune
  • I have a campaign with a 30 second and 15 second ad. It is currently on air and I need to know if I should run both, or if I can save money and just run the 15?
    TVBE is perfect for this. It can help the advertiser to compare both across key measures and see if they will lose anything by only airing the 15
  • I am running a campaign using TV & digital. I’d like to do a comprehensive evaluation to see if it is working
    For this case, an integrated study can be done with both TVBE & DBE. Results will be given separately for the TV and digital creative. If a combined result is desired, we can customize a study to bridge the two

(Marketing Effectiveness) Correctly choose if the statement is true or false

  • The calculation for Marketing Return on Investment is Incremental Sales/Amount Invested
  • MTA is currently Nielsen’s most used tool for optimizing spends across on and off-line channel’s

(Marketing Effectiveness) Which of the following is not an input for MMM

  • Sales
  • Media Spends
  • Distribution
  • # of Product Samples distributed
  • Next year’s forecasted revenue