Module 6 - Product Know-how

Module 6: Product Know-how

Objectives of Module 6:


By the end of the module, the participant will be able to :


Topics covered:

Practice SalesForce Workbooks

Setup and Heroku environments

Install Gainsight and start working with the existing environment


You will now start with Lesson 1: Work with Salesforce


Start working with Salesforce and Gainsight Environment

Lesson 1: Work with Salesforce


By the end of this lesson, you will be able to

  • Acquire knowledge of the Salesforce CRM

  • Understand the intricacies of SDFC


Salesforce Organization ( or SFDC org ):

In order to get started with, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. 

You wouldn't be needing application servers, web servers, databases, and the costly provisioning and configuration of these resources. Instead, the platform provides environments, also called organizations, which are simply provisioned in the cloud when you request them. 

An environment lets you instantly start developing and testing your cloud computing application, and you don't need to touch a single server. You save precious time and can start building your application immediately.

In terminology, environments and organizations are synonyms. In other words, an instance of the platform is an environment and is also called an organization, which is frequently shortened to org. Throughout this article, environments and organizations will be used interchangeably.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of environments:

  • Production Environments - environments that have active paying users accessing business critical data

  • Development Environments - Salesforce environments where you can extend, integrate and develop on without affecting your production environments

  • Test Environments - These can be Production or Development Environments specifically used for testing application functionality before deploying to production or releasing to customers

More here :

You can learn more about Salesforce here:


Indepth Salesforce CRM Workbooks


In the listed work books, following work books gives us a starting point:

       1. work book. (Platform)

       2. Apex work book. (Classes in java)

       3. Visual-Force work book. (HTML pages)


Salesforce Governor Limits


Want to learn more about Salesforce?






Lesson 2: Start with Gainsight Environment


By the end of this lesson, you will be able to

  • Understand how Gainsight works

  • Understand the roles in Gainsight and assign yourself a role

Before learning how Gainsight works, it would better if we watch a video on the overview of Gainsight.

The following video will walk  you through Gainsight to understand workflows and how a Customer Success Manager would use Gainsight on a daily basis. 


Click the following image to view the video:


Gainsight Overview 

Now that you've watched the video, time to deep dive into the product. 

If you want to get started, you will need to check what permissions you have to work on Gainsight.


If you are the Administrator, you can access the following links to learn more.


If  you are a CSM or an Account Manager, you can access the following links:


If you are an Executive or a Manager, you can access the following links:


Gainsight Installation

This article describes how to install Gainsight in your Salesforce environment. After you install Gainsight, you will learn how to assign a Gainsight license to one or multiple Salesforce users.

This article will walk you through how to assign a Gainsight License to a Salesforce User.


The Gainsight application is written on the Salesforce platform, and installs into your current Salesforce instance.  Someone with a full salesforce administrator profile must install and initialize Gainsight. Here you will find how to do the prep work.



Gainsight for other Personas:



State whether the following statement is either True or False. "The Gainsight Administrator is NOT responsible for the architecture and configuration of their environment."

  • True
  • False

Gainsight home dashboards are customized to display sets of reports for stakeholders, including _______________________________________. Fill in the blank by clicking the correct option.

  • only the CSMs in the organization.
  • individual CSMs, Managers and executives, and boards of directors.
  • only the Admins, Managers and a few executives

State whether the following statement is either True or False: "After the initial implementation of Gainsight is complete, the Admin will own their instance of Gainsight. "

  • False
  • True