Preparing Clients for the Job Market

Welcome to this online course of your training session. After careful consideration, PYP Consulting Group believes that all Regional Directors at The Talent Exchange Co. must be intentional about their efforts in training their clients. There is specific information that will make the talent at your agency stand above the rest. This section will stress the importance of constructing the right type of resume that will pique the interests of potential employers. We will also teach you the key elements for preparation needed prior to the interview and the proper attire. Let's get started!

Introductory Assessment

Do you know the different types of resumes and their purpose?

Match the proper resume type with the correct function and focal point. 

  • Chronological Resume
    Simplest form and based on work history
  • Functional Resume
    Showcases skills and experiences

Which resume is appropriate?

Which resume is best for those who want to focus on work history? 

What is the appropriate color skirt a woman should wear on a job interview?

  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • White

What section of the job description should an applicant read in preparation for the interview?

  • The entire job description
  • The educational requirements
  • The skill requirements

Module 1: Captivating with the Right Resume

Chronological Resumes

Chronological Resumes

Chronological Resumes are usually in their simplest form featuring the work history. It focuses primarily on the experience and qualifications of the candidate as well as the timelines. The jobs are listed with the most recent first and all others descending in time. 

Functional Resumes

Functional Resumes

The Functional Resume focuses on skills and experience. This type of resume is best suited for individuals changing careers or who have gaps in their employment. This resume is also appropriate when the work history is not directly related to the job being applied for. 

Combination Resumes

Combination Resumes

The Combination Resume is usually broken into two parts and features skills and accomplishments at the beginning with the chronological points in the second part of the resume to highlight experience.

Targeted Resumes

Targeted Resumes

The Targeted Resume is customized to include every aspect of the candidate's background, experience, competencies, skills, and education with a focus geared toward a particular job.


Employers Preferences - Survey Results

Survey Results

According to the 2010 Orange County Resume Survey Results, 49.4% of employers preferred the Chronological Resumes and 39% preferred Combination Resumes. Of the other survey participants, 6% preferred Functional Resumes and 2.4% preferred Targeted Resumes. With these statistics, it is also crucial to keep in mind there are certain resumes that are industry specific.

Module 2: Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Familiarity with Job Description

Job Description

It is very important that you train your clients to be familiar with the job description. You would be surprised how many candidates thoroughly read the job description. It outlines the expectations of the employer for the person who will be chosen to fill that particular role. Not only should the candidate know what is expected, but also they should have an answer regarding their level of proficiency for the required skills.

Proficiency Tests (If applicable)

Proficiency Tests 

As the Regional Directors, clients are relying on your expertise to send them the right candidates who will potentially get the job. These tests are appropriate for those applying for Administrative roles. It is your responsibility to administer proficiency tests to ensure the candidate has the right skill set for the job. The proficiency tests will distinguish between the beginner and the expert levels of those who know Microsoft Excel as well as any other applications. It is recommended that the proficiency tests are used to measure all of the applications the candidate is familiar with in Microsoft Office and other platforms. 

Module 3: Interviewing & Proper Attire

Proper Attire for Men

Basic Rules of Attire for Interviewing

  • Wear a suit or button up shirt with tie, which includes jacket and dress pants, matching socks, and coordinating shoes.
  • Grooming is essential (i.e. shaved, combed hair and haircut, if needed)
  • Dress in neutral colors and avoid loud or bright patterns.
  • Clothing should not be wrinkled or dirty. If possible, dry clean the outfit you plan to wear.
  • Just as hygiene is important, remind your clients to be modest with their cologne. 

Proper Attire for Women

Basic Rules of Attire for Interviewing

  • Think conservatively and do not wear anything that is too revealing, short or tight.
  • A skirt or pants suit is advised.
  • Dress in neutral colors and avoid animal prints, lace, or loud colors.
  • Do not forget the details (Makeup and hair should all be neutral and flattering).
  • Hair should be in an up do or down and nicely combed.

  • Apply makeup modestly (not too much)
  • Nails should not be too long or chipped. (neutral color is preferred)
  • Shoes should be clean and not too high. (no platform heels)
  • Do not wear too much perfume or overpowering lotion. (You could cause an allergic reaction)




This online training focused on the different types of resumes, which include Chronological, Functional, Combination and Targeted. Since preparation is key in making a great impression, we stressed the importance of knowing the details of the job description the candidate is applying for as well as the proper attire when interviewing. By teaching your clients these fundamental principles, they will be prepared for the first phase in pursuing and getting the right job!

Module Assessments

What percent of employers prefer Chronological Resumes?

  • 49.4%
  • 39%
  • 6%
  • 2.4%

Do you have a better understanding about the different resumes?

  • Definitely
  • Somewhat
  • Not at all

Match the different resumes with the proper descriptions.

  • Chronological Resume
    Simplest form that focuses on work history
  • Functional Resume
    Focuses on skills and experience. Used for career changes or those with gaps in employment.
  • Combination Resume
    Consists of Functional and Chronological Resume with the functional preceeding the chronological information
  • Targeted Resume
    Customized resume for a particular job and focuses on experience, competencies, and skills.

Do you feel this online training provided information to help your clients?

  • Definitely
  • Somewhat
  • Not at all