Expert Network Orientation

Thank you for your interest in joining the Expert Network!

Introduction to Educurious & the Expert Network

About Educurious

Educurious is a nonprofit corporation with a mission to empower and motivate young people to achieve academic,career and personal success through transformative learning experiences. Our integrated solutions capture the imaginations and interests of young people. By combining project-based learning, technology, connections with real-world experts, supports for teachers, and workplace explorations, we create meaningful learning experiences that cultivate contemporary skills.




Expert Network



Through The Educurious Expert Network, professionals engage with and give concrete feedback to students as they solve contemporary challenges as part of our integrated solution. These connections give students a firsthand look at an amazing universe of career possibilities. Our experts include lawyers, nonprofit leaders, business executives, film directors, biologists, writers and chemists, among others.

Together with our project-based learning and technology, The Educurious Expert Network is core to our proven integrated solution that captures the imagination and interest of students and connects them to a wide world of possibilities. Everyone benefits: Experts are able to give back in meaningful, inspiring ways, and students have the opportunity to build powerful networks with a transformational impact on their learning experiences and their futures.



Volunteer Details

Volunteer Title: Virtual Mentor

Start Date: Fall Semester; on a rolling basis

Time Commitment: Flexible; varies from one-day to a full school year. Ask Educurious Staff about the time commitments for the opportunities currently available.

Hours: Flexible; estimated 2-4 hours per month

Language(s): English

Location: Online

Volunteer Description: Experts from a variety of fields provide feedback to students as part of the intent to position students as developing disciplinary experts. Experts help support students by providing resources, answering questions, and outlining their own educational and career trajectories. As these adults share their own struggles, students see that expertise is developed through hard work and persistence.

Roles & Responsibilities

Expert Role

As an expert you are not expected to grade student’s work. Instead, your primary role is to enrich the student’s understanding of their work by serving as the working professional who can help further develop the student’s skills as well as expose them tocareers in the curriculum area they are engaged in. You will be asked to comment on students’ work, guide them in the right direction toward resources that might inform their work and challenge them with questions they might not have thought through.

Working with Schools

Once an Educurious team member has partnered you up with a teacher, it may takesome time before a teacher or student has contacted you to begin work. At thebeginning of the term, we will connect you with your teacher to learn more aboutstudent work expectations, upcoming projects and timelines. We will be as clear andconcise as possible, but please understand that classroom calendars and schedules canquickly get messy.

Ways to Interact on the Expert Network

Virtually Mentoring Students 

  • Giving students feedback and guidance on their classroom assignments via Canvas discussion board.
  • Providing students with academic advice on the classes they can take and other steps educationally to set them on a path to a successful career.
  • Providing students with professional advice on how to develop their own career paths to enter a particular field of work.
  • Sharing with students one on one your own educational and professional background and how you got to where you are today.
  • Providing students information about your field of work and/or your industry.
  • Working with teachers to assist in curriculum or specific project development for their classes.

Means to Communicate

There are various ways in which you can communicate with your student. These include:

  • Email

  • Discussion boards

  • Audio or video conversations using Skype

  • Meeting in person

When in-person interaction is not possible due to distance and time, we strongly encourage you to use the rich online communication mechanisms found in the expert engagement portal, including the messaging feature in the expert engagement Area.

Ideal Volunteer Traits

Inspire—Experts are more effective when they inspire their students. By setting an example, you may be able to motivate your student towards future paths that are beyond his or her original dreams. Challenge your student to find importance in what he or she aspires to do. Help your student create a future vision.

Be an active listener—A sign of good listening is that your student feels he or she has been clearly heard and understood. Your student feels accepted and more willing to place trust in the expert engagement relationship. To demonstrate active listening, show interest in things your student has mentioned in the past.

Share similar experiences—Experts are not expected to be superheroes. Most of the time, they are people who have already been through what their students now face. Help your student feel empowered to embrace challenges by sharing your experiences.

Provide corrective feedback in an encouraging manner—It is not easy totake feedback well. However, hearing it in a motivating and encouraging tone can help your student accept and apply feedback readily.

Speak of your student in positive or neutral ways—Your student needs to trust that your discussions are confidential and that the expert engagement relationship is mutually supportive. When speaking of your student to others, provide only positive or neutral comments.

Next Steps

  1. Schedule a phone call or email Educurious Staff to discuss the available opportunities and confirm interest in volunteering as a virtual mentor. 
  2. Once you confirm that you are willing to become a volunteer expert, Educurious will send you a link to fill out a background check (we pay for it).
  3. Sign up for the Educurious Network: The Expert Network is an online platform for virtual mentors, students, and teachers to communicate and provide mentoring. 
  4. Once Steps 1-3 are completed, Educurious Staff will follow up with further instructions about the specific opportunity. 


Thank you

Thank you for joining the Expert Network!

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