Parabilis v5

This course will help you understand the updates taking place in Parabilis in October and show you how to raise a simple orders 

Parabilis v5

Parabilis v5 Video - Please watch the video to understand the changes taking place in Parabilis and then answer the questions that follow to help consolidate your learning.

You can watch the video as often as you like, and whenever you like and attempt the questions in your own time, the results are for yourself only.


What type of Parabilis user are you

  • Requisitioner - Regular (Once a week or more)
  • Requisitioner - Occasional (A couple of times a month)
  • Requisitioner - Rarely (Less than once a month)
  • Approver
  • Never Used Parabilis
  • New User (recently started using Parabilis)

1) Which of the following do you click to start a new "free text" order?

2) Click where you would start to raise an order for "Any Company Ltd"

3) Click on the area to expand the line to add the "Item Number" and "Manufacturer"

4) Where can you add 'comments' and 'attachments'

  • On the Supplier
  • On both the Individual lines in a basket AND the overall order form
  • Only on the individual line of an order in the Basket Screen
  • Only on the order form
  • On an approver

5) Before adding a comment or attachment to a line of an order what must you do first

  • Empty Basket
  • Update Basket
  • Save As
  • Checkout

6) The Assembly Charge should be a Value line, where should you click BEFORE entering the value?

7) You have completed your basket and added your attachment, you wish to proceed with your order what button do you click next

8) In the accounting Information Search Box  what can you type (click all that apply)

  • any part of the account code
  • any part of the description
  • xx
  • *
  • Suppliers Name

9) Under Profile I can

  • In Profile I can change my personal Information
  • In Profile I can see and change my profile/department
  • In Profile I can receipt
  • In Profile I can view my order forms

10) Which (one) of the following statements is True

  • I should receipt orders as soon as I have received the goods and I am happy to pay the supplier using the Quick Links "Pin" Icon
  • I receipt orders only after receiving the invoice
  • I should receipt orders once I have received the goods and I am happy to pay the supplier using Provisional Receipts
  • I should receipt orders once I have received the goods and I am happy to pay the supplier using the punchout icon


If you have not reached 100% you may go back and try the answers again before finishing the course

(If using IE you may need to refresh the screen)

If you chose to do this anonymously, but would like to provide feedback (Good or Bad) please e-mail, if you signed in with an e-mail address you will be able to leave feedback after finishing and submitting results.