Library accessibility scenario

Want to be a customer support guru at your company? Dream of being a leading expert who is constantly improving customer experience and, consequently, the profitability of your company?

So...ready to deal with furious and frustrated customers? 

This course will help you make even the angriest customers happy.

In this section you will learn to respond to library patrons with accessibility needs and show the correct behaviors to make their experience special.

Mischief happens...

Working with accessibility needs can be hard when we do not know the necessary behaviors to make their experience special at the Free Library of Philadelphia. 

Meet Stevie

This is Steve. He is a new library patron looking for help accessing the Internet. However, he does have accessibility needs and is new to the library system.

Learning Objectives

To be prepared for accessibility support challenges, with this training , Free Library of Philadelphia branch employees will be able to:

  • Employ the necessary social skills to introduce visual assistive technology to library patrons.
  • Recognize social cues from library patrons when implementing visual technology.
  • Interpret library patrons’ physical cues when implementing visual technology.

Accessibility scenario