What does 'Spiritual' mean to you?

This short survey allows you to see how you (and others) view being Spiritual.

Introduction - Why take this survey?

Ways of Seeing "Spiritual"

Like many words, the word "Spiritual" can mean different things to each of us.

This survey will give you a voice in defining what "Spiritual" means to you, and you will be able to compare with others who have done the survey.

Don't worry, there are no right or wrong answers, but we expect you will find it interesting and engaging!

Types of Spiritual. You can choose which types resonate with you.

  • INTERNAL - the inner journey of my spirit or soul, not to be confused with the outer expectations of tradition or religion.
  • RELATIONAL - connection to human longing for love, acceptance and joy
  • SUPERHUMAN - interaction with a compassionate energy or divine being that empowers acceptance and joy
  • INSPIRATIONAL - experiences that inspire the human spirit or soul, providing hope for life after death
  • FATALISTIC - Agnostic Synchronicity and psychology that leads people to do good

Spirituality, Authenticity and Choice

  • My spirituality is entirely my choice, and I feel confident that I have defined it and live authentically with it.
  • I am still understanding and investigating my spirit. I am not sure that I am comfortable with the concept as my own. However I am fiercely going to claim my own way to do that investigation.
  • When I have expressed doubt or raised questions about my life and the universe, I have been told to toe the line. I feel my spirit is suppressed by others, such as my parents, religion or society.
  • I am not authorized to define spiritual, that is the work of those that I trust.
Being authentic is when all parts of my conscious are in line without conflict, even though others externally may disagree. This question asks of you if you feel that spiritual involves choice, and how comfortable you are with your spirit. Choose which ones fit you best. Or none, if you don't think any apply.



While everyone has different skills and gifts, spiritually we all face the same needs for love, acceptance and joy. Any human has the capability to offer these gifts.

Do you see Humanity (us) as all connected with the same basic needs and desires?

Click on one the highest element you think humans share.

Where to from here?

  • I do not want people telling me what I should believe
  • It would be good to have inspirational input to help me to find out more about how my spirit can bloom
  • Is there a way I can connect to others nearby who are not going to push their views?
  • I have liked this survey and find such questions useful and would like more, without somebody offering answers.

Thank You!

By taking this survey you have hopefully discovered that you have a lot in common with the spirit of all humanity.

We welcome you to continue this adventure, and offer you support and encouragement to connect to like minded spirits who enjoy silence, questioning, helping and gratitude together!

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where we only offer artistic inspiration and human connection, without belief or opinion about what is right and wrong. LISN trusts that you have within you the spirit to guide you to find the right science and religion that is congruent with your spiritual side.