Exam on connectors and linkers


Remember that we have seen ten kinds of connectors:

comparative, additive, exemplificative, sequential, to state a result, contrastive, qualificative, reformulative, highlighting and transitional.

Fill in the gaps with the correct linker

1. the wheather, we still went to the beach

2. it was raining, we still went to the park

3. It was snowing. , we still went to the football match.

4. Both my cat and my dog are beautiful.

5. When I was 5 I was bit by a dog. I am scared of them

6. Firstly, I did not say that and , you couldn't have heared me.

7. Apart from liking your post, I shared it with my followers.

8. I like all colors blue.

Drag the linkers to their kind

Drop each linker on its kind
  • and
  • such as
  • similarly
  • likewise
  • conversely

Click on the correct part of the picture

on which of the following can we find the connector 'ALSO'?


  • BUT
Which of the following linkers is EXEMPLIFICATIVE?

Pick the correct image

Which of the following images does not show a kind of linkers?

Pick all the correct ones

Pick all the HIGHLIGHTING cohesive devices.

True or False?

  • The linker INSTEAD is used to provide a contrast with the formerly said.
  • IN OTHER WORDS and HOWEVER belong in the same category
  • Connectors are optional in English
  • Connectors have a semantic meaning
  • We use linkers when we speak as well.
Decide if the following sentences are either True or False.

Match the right phrases

Make correct pairs!
  • Rather
    Is a reformulative linker
  • Unless
    Is a qualifying linker
  • We use additives
    to give more information of the same issue
  • We use contrastives
    to express disagreement
  • Thus
    is for giving results

Put the options in the correct order

  • First of all, you have to understand how the exercise works.
  • Secondly, you must know exactly what all the linkers mean.
  • After those two things, you should read all the options a at least twice
  • However, doing that won't assure you success
  • On the contrary, it might just make you get confused.
Put the sentences in order so that the text makes sense from a cohesive point of view