Welcome to Blink

We're so excited that you joined our Blink family! In this course, you will learn about Blink so you can be moodlifting in no time! 

Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Meet Nicole

Nicole is a member at our Penn Plaza location. A few years ago, Nicole's fiance passed away at the age of 35 due to pneumonia. As you can imagine, this was incredibly difficult for Nicole and in one year she gained 37lbs. 

 Taking her life back 

Nicole decided that she wanted to take her life back. She wanted to get back in shape and she had extra motivation to do so because her 2 sisters were getting married. 

Nicole signed up for Blink and began working with a personal trainer!

After just 7 sessions with her Blink Personal Trainer, Nicole: 

  • lost 15 lbs! 
  • could run 5 miles! 
  • felt confident and empowered! 

She's been working with a trainer since then.  Her proudest accomplishment was running her first half marathon-and she's run many more since! 

If it hadn't been for Nicole's hard work, for Blink, or for her trainer, she may not have achieved all she's been able to. 

Today, YOU become a part of Nicole's story and the stories of so many of our members. YOU have the power to motivate and change people's lives. That's why you are a MOODLIFTER

Welcome to Blink!

The Blink Brand

Blink's Mission & Vision

Think of a Vision as the destination- where you want to end up in the future. 

Think of a Mission as the path you will take to get to that destination.

Match up Blink's Mission and Vision statements below.

  • Blink's Mission
    Change lives and improve the quality of the communities we serve.
  • Blink's Vision
    Fitness for Everybody because Everybody Blinks

The Feel Good Experience

The Feel Good Experience

At blink, we want to put our members’ MOOD above muscle. Working out is not about what you look like, but instead about how working out makes you FEEL.

That’s why we have the Blink Feel Good Experience that consists of 5 Pillars. 

The Feel Good Experience 5 Pillars

Pillar 1

Mood Lifters 

At Blink we are MOODLIFTERS. We greet all of our members with enthusiasm and respect. 

Pillar 2

At Blink  . Everyone does their part to keep our clubs spotless and our members . We're all clean freaks- that's why this is our 2nd Pillar! 

Pillar 3


Pillar 4

What is Pillar 4?  

If a member forgets their headphones, they don't need to worry. How come? 

  • Energizing Music: We specifically select our music to provide an energizing environment!
  • Awesome Retail Products: We sell Blink headphones!
  • State of the Art Treadmills and Equipment: Our equipment has built in headphones!

Pillar 5

What is Pillar 5? 

Choose the correct statement.

  • Personal Training: We offer personal training designed to be motivating and fun, as well as accessible to all of our members.
  • Personal Training & Classes: We offer a variety of classes, personal training, and small group training at ALL of our locations to fit every budget!