Art - Illustrator Test


What is the Image (Live) Trace Tool used for?

  • Simplifying a complex path
  • Applying stroke effects, such as "Scribble"
  • Joining multiple paths at their intersection points
  • Converting raster images to vectors

The eyedropper tool only copies another vector shape's fill

  • TRUE

Which of the following are types of viewing modes?

  • Artwork view
  • Preview view
  • Preview Selection view
  • All of these

What are the two types of gradients?

  • Ellipse and Stroke
  • Kerning and Stroke
  • Radial and Linear
  • Linear and Ellipse
  • Radial and Stroke
  • All of These

After using the Pen Tool, what tool do you use for editing paths?

  • Shape Builder Tool
  • Direct Selection Tool
  • Eyedropper Tool
  • Slice Tool

What does scaling do to an object?

  • Makes it bigger
  • Makes it smaller
  • Resizes the object
  • None of these

What does the "Transform" tool do to an object drawn in Illustrator?

  • Cuts the object in half.
  • Moves the object
  • Transform the object to a different shape
  • Converts the objcet from bitmap to vector
  • Scales, Transforms and Rotates the object.

What is the keyboard shortcut for Ungroup?

  • G
  • Shift + Cmd (Ctrl) +G
  • Cmd (Ctrl) + G
  • Shift + G

What are bleeds?

  • Extra space intended to be cut off
  • Print colors running together
  • An effect used to create liquid text
  • Enlarged fonts used for better quality printing

In the Pathfinder pallet, what does the "Divide" option do?

  • Divides the shapes into evenly sized smaller shapes
  • Ungroups shapes that were previously grouped together
  • Cuts the shapes into individual pieces depending on the intersections of the objects and groups them

The keyboard command to lock a selected piece of artwork is:

  • Cmd (Ctrl) + Shift + Option(Alt) + 2
  • Cmd (Ctrl) + Option(Alt) + 2
  • Cmd (Ctrl) + 2
  • Cmd (Ctrl) + Shift + 2

What does Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift+Z do?

  • Redo
  • Undo
  • Rotate
  • Repeat

What is the keyboard shortcut to decrease font size?

  • Cmd (Ctrl) + Shift + PgDn
  • Shift + <
  • Shift + PgDn
  • Cmd (Ctrl) + Shift + <
  • Option (Alt) + Shift + <

Which one of these can be used to create a new pattern brush?

  • A path with stroke but no fill
  • An object with a gradient fill
  • A rasterized shape
  • An object with a gradient mesh
  • An imported image that has been placed