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The Communication Process

Fill in the Gaps.

Communication is the of creating and exchanging through symbolic .

As a process communication constantly  and . It does not stand still.

Meaning involves  the , and shared by communicators.

Symbolic means that we rely on and  behaviours to communicate meaning and .

The whole process happens within a , which provides the and . The  environment is the actual place or space where communication occurs.  And finally there is the , which influences the emotional atmosphere.

The  is the one who begins the communication process because he or she or it wants someone or something to understand his/her/its  .

The mental process of assigning meaning is called .

The is the information to be .

The space or means in which it is transmitted is called the  .

The  is the one who should get the message.

He/she/it must the message. If this is not possible, the process as a is not successful. 

The observable response to someone's message is the .

The whole communication process can be  by usually temporary . These interferences can be  which means that they originate from the communicators themselves, or  which is a distruction in the channel or environment.

Any other obstacles that might block communication are called  .

Communication is  because it involves an exchange.

Communication is  for several reasons:

--- It is  because many processes are involved.

--- It is  because symbols are open to interpretation.

--- It is  and  because a person’s culture can add a new or different meaning to a phrase or gesture.

--- It is  because once a message is sent, it cannot be taken back.

--- It is  because it involves both original messages and feedback which is necessary to confirm that communication has occurred.

--- It is  because there is always a  behind a message and it helps us meet our needs.

It is also impossible to because each interaction is .

Communication is  because it is impossible  to communicate.

Communication is because it impacts and influences  interactions and shapes our relationships.
Communication skills can be  because they can always be improved.

The five levels of communication
communication is the communication that occurs in your own mind. It is “self-talk” which are the inner  or mental conversations that we carry on with ourselves. It is the basis of your feelings, biases, prejudices, and beliefs.
communication is the communication between two  but can involve more in informal conversations. Through this kind of communication we maintain relationships.
communication is communication within formal or informal groups or teams. It is group interaction that results in decision making, problem solving and discussion within an organization.
 communication involves a speaker who seeks to inform, persuade or motivate an audience.

communication is the electronic or print transmission of messages to the general public. Outlets called mass media include things like radio, television, film, and printed materials designed to reach large .

Competent Communicators are ...


This means that a communicator follows the morals and codes of conduct within a society. It is how a person behaves and how they treat others.

  • They are  and truthful.
  • They keep  and are cautious about spreading gossip.
  • They also consider the  , rights and  of other people.

They are ...

b)  which means that they take responsibility for their own communication  and behaviour.

  • They tend to be  and are able to support what they say with facts and examples that are true.
  • They are  with developed reasoning skills and the ability to  conclusions and reach decisions.
  • They are   taking responsibility for their information, decisions and actions.
  • And they are . They can be trusted to  their word even if a decision may not benefit them.

And they are ...

c) , which means that hey tend to value  relationships with peers, supervisors, and clients. They are and approachable. They are seen as caring, likable, and  to be around.