Schneider Electric Brand - Internal/External Communication Consistency

We as employees of Schneider Electric use presentations and power points as a tool to communicate internally and externally.

Communicating effectively and consistently is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!


Schneider Comunication Consistency, Why is this important?

How to be consistent in my communications ?

How to share my presentation effectively and consistently ?

How to save time in preparing my presentations ?

The accounting provisions require accountants to:

- make and keep accurate books and records 

- devise and maintain an adequate system of internal accounting controls

They also prohibit individuals and businesses from falsifying books and records, or knowingly circumventing or failing to implement a system of internal controls.

Where to find the right tools ?

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What is a good presentation at Schneider Electric ?

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Approvals matrix

 FCPA Expense Approval Matrix

For any type of expense pertinent to foreign transactions, it is mandatory to seek consent from few personnel. Depending on the type and amount of expense, the number of people to approve the transaction might change. Please take a look at the matrix below to get an idea of who must sign off on what kinds of gifts.

Who should sign off?

Your company is a major manufacturer of home-entertainment equipment, and you are planning a business trip to China to negotiate a contract with a major potential customer. During your visit, you plan to host an event to demo your latest product range to the company's senior management team and members of their families. During the event, you will also present each attendee with a voucher for significant discounts on the top 10 best-selling items being demoed. Indicate which of the roles below would be involved in determining whether the entertainment and gifts are legal, and whether any of the expenses are reimbursable. You may check more than one box, one box, or no boxes.

  • Vice President, Risk Management
  • Head of Legal
  • Finance Manager


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Here’s a sample of what you'll find:

FCPA Key terms glossary

Companies particpating in the FCPA's new screening program

List of screening-program participants

Check this list to be sure you're doing business with reputable firms. 


Decision-maker checklist

Here's a "cheat-sheet checklist" that will help you make determinations about the wisdom, and the legality, of a whole range of expense categories.

Approval form


Point of contact in your region

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