V05 - General Information

This course contains miscellaneous information related to working with Cyprexx Services.

1. Quality Expectations

For Exterior services, our goal is to achieve 'Maximum Curb Appeal'.  

For Interior services, our goal is to allow the home to be shown in the 'Best Marketable Condition'.

We always want properties we maintain to appear to passers-by as if they are cared for and not vacant or abandoned.

2. Pruvan


Cyprexx has partnered with Pruvan to provide a software and mobile app solution that allows users in the field to:

  • Automatically receive work orders on their mobile devices
  • Instantly upload photos and checklists while in the field

For more information, please visit www.pruvan.com/cyprexx.



2a. Pruvan is a mobile app and software solution that allows users to

  • receive work orders on their mobile devices.
  • take and instantly upload photos from the field.
  • complete checklists and submit the results instantly from their mobile devices.

(Multiple Choice: Select the option(s) that apply.)

(?) Fill in the Blanks

When servicing the exterior of a property, we are attempting to achieve ' Curb Appeal'. When servicing the interior, our goal is to prepare the home so that it can be shown on the real estate market in the ' Marketable Condition'. When a property is being serviced by Cyprexx, keep in mind that we always want the property to appear .

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