\Whales English New Teacher Orientation

This course provideds informtion for new hirer to know more about Whales English

About Whales English

Whales English or Sprout?

 Whales English is an online teaching school based in China, known to teachers as Sprout,  is designed for English learners between the ages of 5 to 15 with a registered student population of over 10000 and still expanding. Whales English focuses on small group classes with an average of 2-3 students in a class, and approximately over 4000 different classes with more than 400 native English-speaking teachers from North America and the UK.

The school’s goal is to help young students in China gain a versatile use of English through fun and diligence.

How are the students grouped?

Students are grouped according to their English level, not their age.

Types of classes

Courses for regular classes

The students English level is divided into 15 levels. Tow Major subjects, CEC and CRC , and several minor subjects are offered.

What is the duration of a regular class?

  • 25 minutes
  • 50 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 40 minutes

What is the maximum number of a group class?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6

True or false question.

  • The students are grouped by their age

What are the two major subjects?

  • CEC
  • CRC
  • Science
  • Reading

What age range are the students?

  • 5-7
  • 8-11
  • 6-10
  • 5-15

Be familiar with teaching facilities

Hardware and software


  • A laptop
  • Fixed stable network
  • Headset or earbud
  • webcam


  • Zoom 
  • Browser (IE/Firefox/Chrome)
  • PDF reader
  • PPT or Keynote
  • Operating system (Windows or IOS)

Authorized access

Your zoom account and password are ready

You will be assigned a zoom account to log in your classroom.

Use your own email address to access the teaching portal

The teacher portal (teacher.rouchi.com) is a website where an officially hired teacher can access to find all the schedule,  lesson, class, students, teaching progress, class materials, and salary information.

Teacher's home page

After you login teacher.rouchi.com, you will find the teachers home page. From the teacher's home page, you can read:

Your weekly schedule, and access to each lesson with a live link.

Access to each class, to see lesson plan and download the teaching materials

Your salary

Your leave 

Class materials

All class materials are provided

From the teacher's portal, on the weekly schedule, click one of the class, it will bring you to this page.

Click File Resource to find the files you going to download.

Locate the file on your local PC, this will be used when you are teaching.

Class materials category

Class materials can be the text book, the presentation slides, audio, and video materials.


School Contact

  • Payment Questions
  • Ask for leave/Class cancellation
  • Changing a Finish Type
  • Class Feedbacks/Homework correction
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Schedule adjustment
  • Everything Else!


  • Cancel a class with very short notice.
  • Switch in a PPT for you if the PPT is incorrect during the class time.
  • Help resolve student IT problems.
  • Resolve your IT problem.
  • Deal with any problems on Zoom or Rouchi system.

Functional mailbox

The functional mailbox is actual the ordinary mailbox configured to send relevant notices by different groups in Sprout.

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected],

[email protected]

Help desk

Help desk is to assist teachers with real time response.

Who can you turn to for help when you don’t need class material before your class begins

  • School contact
  • Fire man

Who can you turn to for help when you want to change your availability

  • Fireman
  • School contact

If you have any technical or student absence issues, who can help you?

  • Fireman
  • School contact

True or false question1

  • wireless internet connection is required during teaching.

True or false question2

  • I can turn off my webcam during the class.

Getting booked

It may take some time to get you time booked for a new class.

1) Teacher

  • Send over all the files needed. eg. self intro video, class video, bio
  • Keep in touch
  • Attend training

2) School contact

  • Translate your bio
  • Compile your files
  • Put files on the website
  • Release your available time slots
  • Inform sales coworkers

3) Sales people

  • Introduce the teacher to potential students

4) You

  • Check your email inbox or schedule in case any class booked and added

Please match the role with the action

  • School contact
    Upload your information to the system and make it live on line
  • Teacher
    Deliver required information
  • Sales People
    Introduce you to potential students and get your classes booked.

Compensation policy



  • Teachers receive payment monthly. All payment is submitted by the 15th of the following month. 
  • Incase of holidays/weekends/other factors, payment may not be received  a few days later.

Pay tool

  • Bank Transfer •
  • Paypal

You are required to fill in the Bank information collection form

Important Deadlines

  • Can report before 4am on the 5th (Beijing time) if there is any accounting issues that you read from your home page at teacher portal.
  • Can report before 7pm of the 1st if there is any bank information updates for the next payment period.

Pay raise & Incentives

Pay raise

Pay raise is determined by:

  • Your attendance;
  • Teaching Quality(Class evaluation); 
  • Your teaching performance; 
  • Certain finished hours;


  • More classes=higher bonuses
  • Determined by :
  1. Attendance;
  2. Teaching Quality(Class evaluation);
  3.  Parent & student feedback

Cancellation Policies


  • 3 times per semester per class
  • Ask for leave, the earlier the better, at least a 24 hours notice
  • Send request via the website and Email your school contact
  • Compensation will be deducted by late notification

Please inform the school contact when your want to make changes on your available time slots at least 2 months in advance.

Class status definition

How we define a class finish type?

Deduction can be made according to different class status.

Heading 1 text goes here

Which day is the payday?

  • 1st each month
  • 5th each month
  • The last day of the month
  • 15th of the following month

What is the deadline if there is any discrepancy with your accounting?

  • Put your answer option here
  • 7pm on the 1st (Beijing time)
  • 5am on the 4th (Beijing time)
  • 1 am on the 7th (Beijing time)

What is the deadline if you have any changes to your account info?

  • 4am on the 5th (Beijing time)
  • 7pm on the 1st (Beijing time)
  • 5am on the 4th (Beijing time)
  • 1am on the 7th (Beijing time)

How many times you can cancel during one semester?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

What is the class pay rate if a teacher being late within 10 minutes and make the full time up?

  • 100%
  • 20%
  • 50%
  • 80%

Being  a successful teacher at Whales English

How to get a higher booking rate?

Higher booking rate cycle

What makes a good class?

Good class

Poor class

Before class: Be well-prepared

  • Log into zoom
  • Log into teacher's portal
  • Check hardware & •network connection
  • Getting to know your •Students
  • Check Class materials
  • Focus on your teaching goal
  • Report Issues to Fireman right away
  • Be in the classroom 5 minutes earlier

During class

  • Be on time, Positive, Energetic
  • Teach as planned
  • Use proper incentives or give specific praise
  • Balance  time distribution on each individuals
  • Be professional
  • Adopt flexible teaching method and strategies according to the content. 
  • Use supplementary Tools

After class

  • Provide feedbacks
  • Track your class materials
  • Homework correction (G2 and above students)
  • Attend training or webinar as required
  • Respond proactively

Your class will be observed by the teaching quality team randomly.

What should a teacher do before class

What incentives can you use during class

How to get all students well-involved in class?

True or False question

  • I can choose to skip some of Powerpoint slides.

What should I do if students don’t show up at class time?

  • Inform Firemen as soon as possible.
  • Start the class whenever any student join in the class.
  • If there is no student show up and fireman tells you the students won’t come, you can log out the classroom . Otherwise please wait for the students in the classroom for the whole class incase any students come back.