Relevant Selling

We have researched the top reasons why customers buy from us and included the facts in this course.

We have created 'competitive advantage statements' which will help you to secure more sales and retain the existing customers you have.

Introduction - Press start to continue, feel free to take notes as there are some questions at the end.

Competitive Advantage

In 2016/17 Craggs Energy sponsored some market research conducted by the company owned by Jaynie Smith, Author of the books "Relevant Selling" and "Creating Competitive Advantage".   Click on the video to watch a short introduction from Jaynie Smith.

Why use Competitive Advantages?

• To build confidence

• Stop you guessing what is important to a customer

• Focus away from price

A Competitive Advantage is:

• Objective, not subjective  - (not feelings)

• Quantifiable  - (numbers)

• Not claimed by the competition

• Not a cliché - ('family run')

• True

• Important to your customers

A double blind survey was conducted

140 home owners were asked:

(70 customers and 70 prospects)

What most influences your selection of a heating oil supplier?

Breakdown of demographic

Top Results

1-    Their ordering process is easy                                                                                           

2-    Fuel availability, or reliability of supply                                                                     

3-    The transparency of their pricing                                                                                  

4-    The security of your information                                                                                   

Results cont...

More results...

Most important to the majority is...

  • Ordering process is easy

  • Fuel availability, or reliability of supply

  • The transparency of pricing

  • The security of information

Ordering from Craggs Energy is easy!

Ordering with Craggs Energy is easy- you can order by phone, email, text, and online.

99% of domestic telephone orders are completed within 3 minutes

98% of commercial telephone orders completed within 3 minutes

Reliable Deliveries!

In 2016 the Craggs Energy Group made over 23,000 deliveries and shipped over 44.8 million litres of fuel nationwide. 

63% of all orders exceeded the customers delivery requirements

Craggs Energy have storage of 2.24 million litres of fuel!

Getting fuel to you when you need it!

Since 2014, we have supplied 2 of the 3 largest UK department store chains with all their fuel

Craggs Energy are transparent!

Zero hidden charges- the price you see is the price you pay.

Transparent Pricing

We were proud to be the first fuel distributor to openly publish our price and provide the option to order online.

Your details are secure with Craggs Energy

To ensure your information is kept safely, all card payment transactions online or over the phone are fully encrypted to PCI DS standard

Data Security

Online security is ensured as uses a 256 bit SSL to process all data.


We have never sold any customer’s information.

Other Feedback

•  The majority of respondents, 51%, buy heating oil 2-3 times a year.  29% buy more frequently, whereas 20% buy less frequently.

•  58% of respondents said they have only used one supplier in the last 5 years.

•  91% of respondents said they self-monitor their tanks, and call a supplier when needed.

Questions - now let's test your knowledge!

What is a Competitive Advantage?

  • Objective
  • Subjective
  • A cliche ('family run')
  • Quantifiable (numbers)
  • Can be claimed by other companies
  • A fact

What were the top 4 reasons room the research why consumers buy fuel?

Why use Competitive Advantages?

  • To focus on price
  • To guess what is important to the customer
  • To build confidence for the prospect/customer
  • To make us different from the competition
  • To know for certain what is important to customers and tell them why they should use us

How many people were surveyed?

  • 120
  • 130
  • 140
  • 150

Rank the top 10 survey responses

  • Their ordering process is easy
  • Fuel availability, or reliability of supply
  • The transparency of their pricing
  • The security of your information
  • The supplier can maintain deliveries during weather emergencies
  • Supplier offers delivery at a day and time of your choosing
  • The quality of the drivers (clean, courteous, friendly, professional)
  • The driver’s knowledge of your house
  • The knowledge level of the supplier’s staff
  • The supplier’s safety record

Match the statement

  • Ordering process is easy
    you can order by phone, email, text, and online
  • Fuel availability, or reliability of supply
    In 2016 94% of deliveries were delivered on time
  • The transparency of pricing
    we were the first fuel distributor to publicly offer a complete online buying facility.
  • The security of information
    All payment information is encrypted (DSS/PCI compliant)

Thank you - that concludes the test