Stock Transport Order - STO

This course will empower the learner with the knowledge of how to transfer stock from one storage location to another in the SAP System by using outbound deliveries created from Purchasing Documents  

Creation of Stock Transport Order

Brief notes about an STO

What is an STO ?

In SAP, STO is a short form for Stock Transport Order. It is a special procurement type that a warehouse supervisor uses to transfer a company's goods from one warehouse or plant to another. One reason for transferring stock could be the need to satisfy or meet the demand of one or more locations of the same company. Other reasons could be that the company may wish to move or transfer the stock to another location for storage.

This course describes the process of stock transfer, or internal procurement, between two plants or locations within the same company code. That is to say Stock is transferred from plant XXXX to plant YYYY, both in company code ZZZZ. We shall restrict this course to the internal procurement process in the same sales and distribution areas resulting in the (SD) delivery.

SAP Transaction Codes for STO Creation

List of Transaction Codes (T-codes) to be used in this lesson

  • MMBE – Stock Overview
  • ME21N - Create Purchase Order
  • ME22N - Modify / Amend Purchase Order
  • ME23N – Display / Review Purchase Order
  • VL10B – Create Deliveries for Stock Transport Orders
  • VL10D - Create Deliveries for Stock Transport Orders
  • VL02N – Modify / Amend Outbound Deliveries
  • MIGO – Goods Movement Enjoy Screen
  • MB5T - Material in Transit (Custom Code - ZSD_MB5T)

Target Audience

SAP Course Target Audience


  • SAP Materials Management Inventory Team
  • Marketing and Sales users.
  • Production Planning Team

How do we start the process of STO Creation ?

Identification of Locations to be involved in the Stock Transfer.

The process of transferring stock from one location to another is done through a purchasing document of type UB. You create a Purchase Order using SAP transaction code (T-code) ME21N and select the order type UB. For every purchase Order, you must provide the Vendor (Supplier of Goods or Services) and the Customer (Receiver of Goods or Services). In the case of an STO, the Vendor is the Supplying Plant of the stock and the Customer is the Receiving Plant. Both these Plants belong to the same Company Code. The Plants may not necessarily be different. STOs can also be processed within the same Plant provided the Storage locations are different.


Let us Start ..... Stock Overview

The following Screens will show step by step process of creating an STO in SAP.

  • Check availability of stock at the Supplying Plant and Storage Location 
  • Use Transaction Code MMBE and check stock of material code K91 in Plant 3000


Stock Overview Continued

Execute by clicking on the clocklike button to get the following screen

Create STO

On the previous screen, we had 854.998 MT is storage location INSP and 341.139 MT in NCDS Storage location.

If stock is available or enough, go ahead and create the STO using Transaction Code ME21N
(Order Type, Supplying Plant, Receiving Plant and Issuing Storage Location)






More details on STO creation

(Company Code, Receiving Storage Location, Material Code and Delivery Type)

How to modify or amend an STO

You can modify the STO using the transaction code ME22N and review or display using the transaction code ME23N

Creation of dispatch delivery

Once the STO has been created and saved, then you move on to the creation of the delivery (outbound) using the transaction code VL10D or VL10B

Execute VL10D ( we shall use this T-code for this part )


Creation of dispatch delivery continued ....

Execute to get the following

Modify the tonnage to quantity to be delivered. Let us change quantity to 24.034 MT

Creation of dispatch delivery continued ...

Click on Background to get the following screen

Click on next tab to get the following screen

Creation of dispatch delivery continued ...

Tick against the green button with blank quantity and click on the following tab

Creation of dispatch delivery continued ...

Click on documents to get the following screen

This is the delivery number. 87039465

Highlight the document number and click on display document to view the delivery via T-code VL03N

Display ´╗┐dispatch delivery

View of delivery under VL03N