Assistant Wedding Coordinator

The is a course guide to provide new employees to better understand the work processes in  a bridal boutique.

Welcome Message / 欢迎



First, a big Welcome!

The journey to become a wedding consultant starts today.  You will get to interact with many different wedding couples, vendors and our staffs.

At the start, it might not be easy to adopt a new environment. Dare to ask question and learn as much as you can. You have to understand well our product and services. We have provided an easy guideline below to help you understand better our operations.

First, we will understand the company’s vision and mission. Next, we will start with the wedding process blueprint. It will allow you to understand the types of appointments we have with our customers. Then, we will look at the role of different vendors and staffs. Furthermore, there will also be a wedding dress guidance and price list.

Give your very best at work and you will excel!!

Warmest Regards,

Mr Phua



Mission Statement and Goals / 公司使命和目标

Mission Statement

‘‘Provide the best professional wedding advices for our customers; increase our knowledge of how to better serve wedding clients; and to remain on the cutting edge of changes in the bridal industry.’’



Dress Code & Conduct / 工作服装

DRESS CODE & CONDUCT /  工作服装和行为守则


  • Black top and pants or skirt  /黑色上衣和裤子或裙子

  • Neat hair / Make Up 整齐的头发/化妆

  • Optional: black blazer jacket

BASIC Conduct: 

*Employees must be punctual when coming to work. (REPORT TIME 12PM)

*Cell phone should only be used during break times

Important Contact / 重要电话号码

  1. Digio Store ( 1st floor) : 6225 1612

  2. INTERCOM : 101 (1ST FLOOR) , 102 (1ST FLOOR), 103(OFFICE) , 105 (3RD FLOOR) , 108 (GRAPHIC DESIGN)

  3. HR / Emergency (Wanting) : 92726867

                        (Wenjie/ MICHAEL) : 91859403


4. Graphic Design ( Tracy) : 6221 9230

Wedding Process Blueprint / 婚礼过程蓝图

Wedding Dress Guidance / 如何搭配婚纱礼服给顾客

Wedding Dress Shape / 婚纱形状

1) Ball Gown

2) A Line

2) Mermaid 

3) Trumpet

4) Mini Tea Dress

Wedding Dress Neckline / 婚纱领

1) Sweet-heart (Tube)

2) Off Shoulder

3) V -Neck

4) Straight

4) Illusion

5) Halter Strap

6)Spaghetti Strap


1) Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace is a handmade bobbin lace named after the city of Chantilly, France, in a tradition dating from the 17th century. Chantilly lace is known for its flat, outlined pattern, and abundant detail. Brides who are looking for a soft, romantic lace pattern will love Chantilly.

2) Alençon lace

Alençon lace or point d’Alençon is a needle lace that originated in Alençon, France. It is sometimes called the “Queen of lace.” There is a raised cording throughout the pattern of the lace, and the cording follows the lace pattern underneath. Some but not all of the edges of the lace have “eyelashes”. Brides who truly want a traditional lace gown should look for Alençon !

3) Guipure lace

Guipure lace (also called Venetian lace) is a firm, stiff lace with no net background. The pattern is made by a series of closely packed embroidery stitches and works well for the bride who LOVES texture.

4) Cotten Lace

 Cotton Lace has a soft, less formal feel than more traditional lace styles. Perfect for a spring soiree or wedding on the water.

5) Laser Cut Lace

Laser Cut Lace is a unique and modern take on the traditional fabrication. It is perfect for a bride who loves the tradition of lace but has a more modern style!

6) Point d’esprit lace

Point d’esprit lace is a bobbinet or tulle with oval or square dots woven in an irregular pattern. This lace is more spaced and airy than a traditional alecon lace.  This is the perfect lace for the bride who thinks she does not want an allover lace gown.  Point d’esprit lace has a vintage feel and is perfect for a farm or barn wedding.

Pre-Wedding Photography & Actual Day Photography / 婚礼摄影和实际日摄影

Before Photoshoot Day

As a wedding consultant, you need to know different locations in Singapore to recommend customers as well as the dresses that matches the location (refer to ipad). You need to communicate well with the photographers and make up artists. For instances, customer might ask you questions on props and flowers on the photoshoot day or the number of make up or hairdos. Check out below for some recommended locations.


作为婚礼顾问,您需要了解新加坡拍照的好地点,以推荐客户地点相匹配的服装 (参考ipad)。


Botanic Garden

Best place for couples who seeking for greenery shots to be taken. 

Upper Seletar Reservoir

Classic photography shots can be taken here, romantic and soft feel.

Victoria Concert Hall

For brides who are afraid of the heat, you can recommend them VCH, located at City Hall area.

Staffs’ Roles and Responsibility / 员工和部门角色

Job roles 

You have to be familiar with your peers' job scope and responsibility. 

For instances,

1) If your customer has a flower bonquet to change, who should you liase with? 

2) If you customer has issue with the make up artist, who should you approach?

3) If your customer has gown fitting issues, who should you find?




Peter Uncle (LAUNDRY) : 8316 9515

How to Excel in Customer Service /如何做好客户服务

1) Active Listening / 积极倾听

 Focus attention on the customer. Stop whatever you are doing that does not relate to serving the customer with you or on the other end of the phone call. This means putting down any technology you are using, stop typing on your computer, putting aside reading material, and really focusing on the customer and what he or she is saying.

2) Empathy / 同情心

 Place yourself in their shoes.  Empathy doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, and it’s definitely difficult when you might be the one at fault.  Try to take a step back and view the problem through their eyes.  Set aside your personal feelings and temper your emotions. 

3) Patience / 耐心

Control your self-talk. The things we say to ourselves have an uncanny ability of coming true, whether they’re positive or negative. So when you say “this customer is really starting to piss me off,”instead of, for example, “this is a tough situation, but I’m going to stay calm and do what it takes to solve the problem,” it can have a big impact on what the reality becomes.

4) Positive Attitude  乐观太度

Don't feel guilty for having fun at work--a happier, more relaxed workplace might actually improve your performance and work relationships with others. 

5) Clarity in Communication 


Repeat back what you understood them to say. This technique involves restating what your customer said in your own words. For example, if a customer said, “I am really upset because I’ve called twice before about this  problem and I still have not received the information I was promised.” In response, you should apologize and emphasize, then repeat what you believe the issue to be before proceeding. For example, “I apologize that you have to keep following up on this issue. I know that must be very frustrating and is a waste of your time. If I understand correctly, you called two of our representatives in the past and were promised ____, but have yet to receive it? Is that correct?” Once they verify, state that you are going to take action to help resolve the issue for them. By taking this approach, you acknowledge and empathize with your customer. You also take responsibility for the situation and promise to correct it.