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EMR Solution with Patient Engagement App


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Electronic Medical records (EMRs) allow for the systematic collection and management of patient health information in a form that can be shared across multiple health care settings. By providing easier access to patients’ medical records, EMRs can help improve healthcare quality, efficiency and safety. These systems can also promote use of preventive services, improve public health surveillance, and support research to improve population health.

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Files/Record Management challenge

Challenge in referring lot of paper medical record leads to low quality COPA Intelligence

Files/Record Management challenge

Challenge in sharing long health history of old age patients

Challenge in understanding holistic health issue of the old age patients due to irregular data/information available with patients.

Challenge to Doctor leads to decline in Hospital/Clinics service

Best possible doctors/treatment not available

No consistency in attending similar type of patients

No systematic process - can help for various audit and quality compliance like JCI & AHCA

Only access to hospital/doctor as per visiting hours, chances of delay in getting attention during critical condition

Dependency on Hospital Infrastructure & No sync with own devices

Dependency on physical presence of doctor except telephone/call assistance on critical or emergency situations

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Objective of this project is to provide a cost effective and robust electronic Medical record (EMR) system which keeps the digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history.

Benefits of Electronic Health Records

  • An EMR is more beneficial than paper records because it allows providers to:
    • Track data over time
    • Identify patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings
    • Monitor how patients measure up to certain parameters, such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings
    • Improve overall quality of care in a practice
    • Allow individual to maintain their health data and get the alert of any important event related to health.
    • Collaborate provider and patient

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Quality Objective

The entire application will focus on the describing and measuring the performance of healthcare who are using

  • As measures that assess a particular health care process or outcome
  • As quantitative measures that can be used to monitor and evaluate the quality of important governance, management, clinical, and support functions that affect patient outcomes
  • As measurement tools, screens, or flags that are used as guides to monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of patient care, clinical support services, and organizational function that affect patient outcomes

This will help the organization, practitioner and the patient to monitor and measure the quality of care

  • Make comparisons (benchmarking) over time between places (e.g. hospitals)
  • Make judgments and set priorities (e.g. choosing a hospital or surgery, or organizing medical care)
  • Support accountability, regulation, and accreditation
  • Support quality improvement
  • Support patient choice of providers.

The use of system enables professionals and organizations to monitor and evaluate what happens to patients as a consequence of how well professionals and organizational systems function to provide for the needs of patients.

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Design of EMR

Captures Displays Analyzes Reports Stores Collaborates

  • Electronic Medical records designed to optimize health care efficiency and seamlessly integrate into practice workflow.
  • An EMR, provides doctors with a full range of capabilities from managing patient flows, to documenting clinical encounters, and building effective care plans.
  • The proposed solution is a comprehensive web-based revenue cycle management system designed to cut costs, reduce denials and maximize profit. This combines the entire practice management functionality with expert billing support to take the headache out of running a successful practice.
  • A suite of patient engagement and social tools that gives physicians, practices, and patients a secure way to communicate and collaborate with one another.
  • Mobile app that helps physicians manage their busy workdays and quickly access patient data anywhere.
  • Mobile app to help patient to manage their entire data at one place and retrieve it anytime anywhere.
  • Multilingual

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Design of EMR – Continued…

  • An interactive way to collect patient data which make diagnosis easy and click based COPA without changing the ergonomics of doctor and patient.

  • An inbuilt notification management tool to notify the different stakeholder in case of critical condition of patient.

  • Template based system which make the data collection easy and fast in case of similar kind of patient interaction

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  • Enhance Efficiency in medical practice

With EMR, practitioner able to see the patient entire holistic data such as his current problem, past history, allergies, family history which give a very good insight of patient problem and integrated decision making tool help doctor to diagnose the problem and give them a proper order through COPA system. As entire history of patient available in front of his which give a very niche holistic view of data of patient to him. This also help doctor to diagnose the disease based on their past history.

  • Optimize Decision Making for provider

The HER advanced analytics provide powerful insight into practice’s operational, clinical, and financial performance. Integrated dashboards provide a quick pulse on performance, while the range of up-to-date reports in the Analytics let provider easily assess performance and target areas for improvement.

  • Access Patient Record Anytime Anywhere

The web-based Practice Management, EMR solutions offer the practitioner the flexibility to work from any computer – even a Mac – and with any browser.  The even enable the user to access data anytime anywhere in case of critical condition.

  • Remove the duplication of work with intelligence

System provide a template based application where doctor can save the template for similar kinds of event they everyday, which allow them to load at that particular event and modify based on the need and give prescription. This will save a lots of time and introduce the consistency in similar events.

  • Alerts & Notifications

System provides a Notification management in case of critical condition for the doctors.


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Patient Engagement App

  • The proposed solution will have a mobile app for the patient to access their health record anytime anywhere through mobile app.
  • Notification about any new modification in their record
  • Easy access to medical prescription

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Regulatory & Compliance

  • The proposed solutions is compliance with HIPPA and HL7
  • The proposed solution is designed to meet the requirement of elements needed to get certified from JCI,NHBC or any other governing body.
  • ICD-10 Standard Compliance

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EMR Challenges

Acceptance from Doctors

The major problem with any EMR that the acceptance of EMR with doctors because of a very complex or too much of typing for them to create a record.

To make it easy we propose very innovative and easy way for doctors which will keep intact their relation with patient. As we understand in healthcare doctor and patient ergonomic t is very much important which should not be disturbed while their interaction with creating a record in more complex technical way.

No Need to fill out complex form by typing. Doctor can use their traditional way of writing the prescription.

Doctor can use this for voice based dictation which can be transcript by the expert and store as a record in System

No special hardware or software needed.

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EMR Challenges

Data Integrity, Availability and Sharing

All the EMR available is moreover installed application which works only on specific operating system or platform. Our Solution: