Snap-on Supplier Code of Conduct

Snap-on Incorporated values our suppliers and endeavors to keep our suppliers fully aware of our expectations and requirements.  This course walks you through our Supplier Code of Conduct bullet points and helps you become acquainted with our business requirements.

Snap-on Incorporated Supplier Code of Conduct

Snap-on Incorporated - Who We Are

Since 1920, Snap-on has focused on serving our customers, associates, investors, franchisees, suppliers and the communities where we do business.  Guided by our core beliefs and values as laid out in our “Who We Are” statement, Snap-on’s commitments to integrity and social responsibility extend to its worldwide supply base.  All Snap-on suppliers, regardless of location, must adhere to this Supplier Code of Business Conduct when performing services for, or related to, Snap-on


Snap-on defines itself by the Mission, Beliefs, Values and Vision we hold dear.  As a supplier, you are a valuable part of our team and instrumental in helping us achieve our Mission to provide:

The most valued productivity solutions in the world.



Who We Are Quiz

  • We deeply believe in negotiating product and workplace safety
  • We promote teamwork.
  • It is our vision to be acknowledged as the business partner of choice.

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Suppliers are expected to protect employees’ workplace health and safety, human rights, and environment. Suppliers are expected to be law abiding, complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate.

Workplace Safety Confirmation

  • I agree to comply with this requirement.
  • I do not agree to comply with this requirement