Information sources and market research in digital media

Information sources and Market Research In Digital Media

1. Market research

Marketing is all about helping clients to achieve their goals, solve their problems and help meet their needs. In that sense, market research is an essential tool.

In market research we carry out a systematic process of collecting and analyzing data in order to make decisions.

Market research can help us to:
• Identify potential markets and customers.
• Understand current trends.
• Evaluate services provided.
• Know our competitors.
• And is the basis for developing marketing strategies.

Market research allows us to make decisions that are not based on tastes, whims or intuitions but rather on concrete data.

One of the most important aspects of market research lies in the raw material, meaning, information and data.

When cooking, for example, even if you start with good ingredients, a dish could turn out bad.
However, if you start off with poor ingredients then it is impossible to end up with a good dish.

In this case, the ingredients (or the information), has to be reliable, consistent, current, relevant and sufficient

How can Market Research help you?

  • Providing concrete data.
  • Increasing The Force.
  • Making commercial activities happen.
  • Making decisions for you.