Dulcolax Quiz


Name a common cause of constipation

  • a. Working too hard
  • b. Drinking too much
  • c. Low fibre diet

Which product within the Dulcolax range provides relief within 30 minutes?

  • a. Tablets
  • b. Suppositories
  • c. DulcoEase

What is the best Dulco product to recommend if a customer reports ‘it hurts to go’?

  • a. DulcoEase
  • b. Dulcolax tablets
  • c. DulcoGlide

What is the main red flag for a doctor referral?

  • a. Blood in stools
  • b. Not going for 3 days
  • c. Hard stools

Which is more gentle Dulcolax or Senokot?

  • a. Dulcolax
  • b. Senokot
  • c. Neither, they are both same