One Touch Video Chat End User Training

We want our customers' to be successful in conducting video chat sessions with their end users. This course is employee training on how to use the One Touch Video Chat technology platform and insights into the consumers' experience as well. This training should help with training end users and addressing any end customer FAQ's. 

In this section you will learn what is needed from a desktop perspective and how to sign in to the platform.


The One Touch Video Chat platform can be accessed through the secured link at

Note: The link MUST have the https and will not work if it's just http. You will not get any videos to come through if you are not using the secured link. You will login with the email and password that your admin has assigned to you for video chat. 

Note: When your admin user sets up your account for the first time, you will receive an email from One Touch Brands with a link to setup your password. 

Browser: Video chat technology must be used with Google Chrome or Firefox. The streaming video will not work in Safari and/or Internet Explorer as they do not support live video. In addition, you should have a webcam either built in to your computer and/or an external one. 

Dashboard Overview

Accepting the Video Chat

My Queue and Group Queue 

My Queue: When a customer dials your "direct code" you will see them in "My Queue". No one else will see them in their queue if it's a direct dial. If you do not answer the video call within 90 seconds, it will be moved to "pending group consults" for other users of the system to be able to accept the video call. 

Note: a direct dial would only come through if you (and/or your company) has given out your direct code to connect to you directly vs. a general company group queue. 

Pending Group Consults: When a customer selects a "contact reason" for the mobile application they will be routed to the associated "pending group". The members of this group (as setup by your admin) will see this call in their "pending group consults" queue. 

Video Consult Screen

Once you accept a call (taking it out of the queue), you will go to the main video consult screen. This screen gives you a little more time to review any information that has come through before you click the final "start consult" to connect. Note: the customer is waiting during this process and getting "wait messaging", so you don't want to wait too long to accept the call. 

Live Video Screen

This screen shows how you will see both yourself and the customer when the live video is connected. 

Employee Survey/Disposition 

Once the call has ended you will immediately get an employee survey that will pop up on your screen before going back to the main dashboard. This screen allows you to take the quick survey and enter any notes that you would like to attached to the call record. The first question (5 star rating) is required and the other fields you should check with your manager to see if they are required. 

The End Customer Mobile App Experience

Customer User Experience

These screens will help you have a better understanding of how the video connection will work from the customer on their mobile phone. The customer will need to download your mobile application from the AppStore (Apple) or GooglePlay (Android). You should know the actual name of your company mobile app and/or the direct links to be able to provide the customer with the right information. Downloading the mobile app (start to finish) should take no more than 20-30 seconds depending on if the customer is on WIFI or carrier network. 

Contact Reason User Experience 

This shows the end user experience for contact reason selection and group routing user path. 

Direct Code User Experience 

This shows the end user experience for the "direct code" user path. 

Connecting/Waiting Experience 

Once the call is routed to the One Touch Brand's portal the customer will see the following screens depending on how long they are waiting for the call to be accepted. 

Live Video Connection

The following will show you what the Customer will see when the live video is connected. This will be important to understand in order to know what the customer is seeing when connected to you so you can provide them any direction as required. 

Customer Survey

At the end of the call, the Customer will immediately receive a customer survey screen that will be customized with the associated questions your company  has chosen. This screen shows you how it will be represented to the Customer on their mobile device. 

Mobile App Wait Messaging

These screens depict the user experience of what the Customer will see when waiting for their video connection to be accepted either by direct code dialing and/or contact reason selection. 

Hold Message 1: 30 Seconds 

Hold Message 2: 60 seconds 

Final Message: 90 seconds

This is the final message that instructs the customer to try back later so they do not have to keep waiting. They will receive this at 90 seconds if their call is not answered by then. 

Hours of Operation 

Your company will designate the days of week and hours of operation that you will be available to take calls. If the Customer tries to connect through the mobile application outside of business hours, before they can connect, it will provide them a message (customized by your company) that the company is not available and try back during normal business hours. 


Customer Has No Video

When the customer downloads the mobile app for the first time, they will receive a pop up to "allow video". If they did not click "yes", it will not allow access to the camera in their phone. They will be able to see you and hear audio but you will not be able to see them. If they meant to do this that is ok, however, if they want to be on camera so you can see them, they will need to do one of the following: 

1) Go into their Settings on their phone, Under "Apps", find the mobile app. When clicking on it they will see a toggle (on/off) for camera. They can switch that to "on" and video will work. Same goes for "microphone", if there were audio issues. 

Not Connecting to Video

If a customer is expressing issues about not being able to connect to the mobile app properly or video will not go through, it's usually that they are on a private WIFI that restricts mobile applications etc. i.e. a secured office that doesn't allow employees to be on mobile apps. If they switch off that WIFI and go to their carrier network, it will begin to work. 

Using the Front Facing Camera

If you have instructed the Customer to use the "camera flip" in the upper right hand corner of the mobile app, it should read down to a 6 point text font. You will see the image that they are focusing on in your large desktop screen (and you can increase the screen size even larger). However, if what they are focusing on is not clearly visible, instruct the customer to keep the phone/camera "still". The optimal distance should be about 3-4 inches from the object. 

Android vs. iPhone front camera focus

The iPhone has an auto focus feature (meaning, when you move the camera around it will automatically re-focus on an object). 

The Android (outside of the latest version of models) does not have auto focus. Meaning if the customer is moving the phone around it will be harder to focus on very small options/numbers/text. If this happens and you do not see an image very clear, if the Customer has an Android, tell them to pull back the phone from the image about 4-5 inches (if they get too close their camera will not be as clear). 


"HTTPS" must be used in the links to enable videos.  Using just "HTTP" will result in an error when trying to connect to a live video.  The One Touch Video Chat platform can be accessed through the secured link at


Computer webcam must be 720p or better (Integrated or USB webcam).

Test Your Knowledge

Which statements are true concerning One Touch Video Chat live videos? (Select 2)

  • IE and Safari are the only supported browsers for video chat
  • All links must have HTTP in order to enable the video chat
  • Chrome and Firefox are the only support browser for video chat
  • All links must have HTTPS in order to enable the video chat


You have completed the One Touch Brand's Video Chat technology agent training.