Two Roads Hospitality - Brand Immersion


Brand Immersion - Part I

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Test your knowledge of Two Roads' brands!

  • This collection takes its name from the Sanskrit for ‘surprise’ to create breathtaking, eco-friendly and “surprisingly different” destinations across South Asia
  • A diverse collection of hotels and resorts – each one committed to drawing upon the best of its location.
    Destination Hotels
  • This collection is an originator of authenticity and imagination in boutique hospitality. These hotels have helped define an industry and today comprise the largest collection of luxury properties in California, with locations across America.
    Joie de Vivre
  • Earning a voice in some of North America’s most exciting neighborhoods is this brand's passion and purpose, with a design-forward collection of boutique hotels and resorts for those who do not think small.
    Thompson Hotels
  • To the youthful and open-minded, this is a micro-lifestyle hotel brand designed to unleash the potential of every interaction, every moment, and every square foot.