Jack and the Beanstalk

Summary of Jack and the Beanstalk

Summary of this story

    Jack is a poor little boy who lives in the forest with his mom. The son and mother live off their cows milk, but one day when the cow doesn't produce any milk, Jack's mom tells him to go sell the cow in the market for money and food. When Jack is on the way to sell the cow he meets a man who says he has magic beans that grow really tall overnight.

    Jack decides to exchange the cow for the magical beans and when Jack gets home he proudly shows his mother the beans, but she gets becomes very angry with Jack and throws the beans out the window. His mother then sends Jack to bed with no dinner and when Jack wakes up the next morning he realizes that the beans sprouted into a giant beanstalk traveling all the way up to the sky.        

    Jack is curious as to what is up at the top, so he climbs up the beanstalk and walks down the road to find a giant castle. Jack enters the castle and sees a giant women and asks her for food because he is hasn't eaten since yesterday’s lunch. The women gave jack food, but when her child-eating husband comes home Jack hides in the oven. Once the husband falls asleep Jack escapes the oven, steals a bag of gold, and runs out of the house. 

    Jack does this two more times stealing a chicken that poops gold and a gold harp. The last time he travels up the beanstalk the giant husband sees Jack as he is running out of the house with the harp, and chases after him. Once Jack gets down the beanstalk he cuts the beanstalk causing the giant to fall to death.         

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