Conflict management techniques

Conflict "run for cover". We have all been exposed to some form of conflict. This module is focused addressing the various form of conflict. 

Conflict Management Techniques

How many techniques are used for conflict handling?

The word conflict tends to evoke different reactions in those that we interact with in both a professional or private capacity. The first thoughts are that it is negative and destructive in nature and should be avoided at all costs. This is far from the truth, conflict can have positive outcomes and the success is in how we deal with it. Using the source “Conflict management techniques” on has the following methods:

Forcing – this is defined as competing and can be a case of a person pursuing his/her interests at the expense of others. It can be used when a person needs to stand up for their rights

Win-Win (Collaborating) – this is known as problem confronting or problem solving. It can be used when addressing issues of multiple stakeholders.

Compromising – is used when seeking an expedient resolution to a problem which partially satisfies both parties.

Withdrawing – or avoiding is when he/she sidesteps the true issue, individual does not pursue their own concerns and withdraws.

Smoothing – or accommodating is when an individual takes others concerns or issues above their own.

We will elaborate on each of these techniques providing you with examples and methods to use when dealing with the difference conflict situations.

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