Kramer Control Sales & Programmer Training

Hi, I'm Brian Morris and I'm a top-performing sales manager for Kramer Control. I hit the target of 10 SL-240Cs per month and provide support on installation of these brains. I'd like to share my experience with you and give you some valuable knowledge regarding the conversations that should be had when selling or spec'ing a Kramer Control System.

Course 2 – Selling and Spec'ing a Kramer Control System

Asking the right questions in your conversations

So, here is a short guide on how to sale Kramer Control effectively.


1. First and foremost believe in yourself. Customers want to see that you have faith in your own abilities and exude an aura of trust, so be confident.

2. Be knowledgeable. Know what your products and services are and do plenty of research into the product background and capacities.

3. Start an engaging conversation. The aim of your conversation is to attract the potential customers with the kind of questions that will get them to talk about their scenario/installation.

4. Learn to handle objections. Remember, if objections are present, progress is probably being made on the sale. Just be persuasive and find the proper counterarguments that are logical in their scenario.


It's important to remember that there are several conversations that should be had when selling or spec'ing a Kramer Control System. You should begin the conversation first by asking questions. Some of these questions are as follows:


  • What is the Space going to be used for most of the time? 

  • Who will be the main users of the space? 

  • How will is it expected that the users interact with the Space? 

    • What type of devices will they use to control the Space? 

      • IOS, Android, Web? 

  • Are there any specific device that need to be controlled?  

    • Pre-existing devices, or something like lighting, shades, screens etc.  

  • Where will the equipment reside for each Space? 

    • Local or Remote?  

  • How many Spaces will have controllable equipment? 

  • How many devices in each Space will be controlled?  

  • Will the Brain's that power the Space be able to have outgoing internet access? 

    • If Yes 

      • Who will be supporting the project once it is complete?  

        • Dealer – Will want access to the Dashboard for remote troubleshooting 

        • Client – Will want access to the Dashboard for Data, Analytics, Troubleshooting and Remote Control 

        • Portal allows for various User Roles for the system 

    • If No 

      • System will work without the internet 

      • System will not be able to receive remote programming updates 

      • System will not have Dashboard access 


  • Wrap-up 

    • By answering these questions and having the proper conversations with the client ahead of time it allows the seller to have a good conversation with the Programmer so that they have all of the information that they need for programming. Also, having the conversation about access to the internet is really important, even though the system will work without it, there will be times that the system will need access to the internet and having the conversations will allow for proper planning. 



Next up -- you will test/quiz in an interactive experience. 

/Who is using the room?/


Knowing how the user(s) will use the room will help you ascertain three things: who the person using the room is, whether they need internet and the likely devices that can be found in the room.

/Will that brain in said space have access to outgoing internet?/


Knowing whether the brain will have internet determines how the system will be used and how to sell it, concerning specs and features.

What should or shouldn't you do to boost your sales?

  • Know the Kramer Control solution product
  • Don't ask questions but instead listen.
  • Ignore your customers' objections
  • Start the conversation first by asking the right questions


Thanks for completing the course! I hope that my personal experience will help you enhance your sales techniques and drives more sales for the company!