Time Management Refresher course in Project Management

Time Management is a course to assist you to reach your deadlines and improve your productivity during Project Management.

Review of Time Management

Important issues in Time Management

The Review of Time Management

As all deadlines are known as critical there are many factors which influence that we reach or don’t reach these deadlines. Take a look around you – your desk, is it cluttered – where is my document, it was here a moment ago, Well if your desk was not cluttered you would find it where you left it?? Your filing system – is it effective? Misfiling causes delays affecting your productivity. Now, let’s talk about Time wasting thieves – yes they should be in jail like any other thief. Amongst the many, interruptions are considered as one of the timewasters, this is where we must learn to say NO, we don’t need to be rude to do this, we will say something like “I am unable to deal with this now, please will you come back in 20 minutes” Interpersonal skills and attitude, too, avoid time wasting, this avoids conflict which wastes time and energy. Effective communication whether it be verbal, non-verbal (body language), written, cultural differences, language barriers in communication – this is most critical to ensure that all delegated parties to the Project all have the same understanding of what the outcome should be.

We must recognize the signs of bad time management. = Procrastination in our daily lives affects reaching deadlines ultimately compromising the completion of the project. We need to conquer procrastination.

So, how are we going to achieve correctional action: Start today – Find the balance in your life * Achieve Personal effectiveness * Ensure job satisfaction * Confidence *

Now is time to Reflect and take Action for YOU to manage time and not for TIME to manage you.

What are the barriers of time management?

Choose one correct answer

  • Effective communication
  • Interruptions
  • Listening to the radio

Interpersonal Skills and Communication

Choose more than one from interpersonal skills

  • Attitude
  • Listening skills
  • Irritability
  • Disability