Security Awareness e-Training

"Security Awareness e-Training"

In this training you will understand how to reduce your exposure to risks.

We will discuss main concerns, explain about the layers of security, states of mental alertness, hints and tip on specific scenarios and what you should do if things should go wrong.

By the end of the training you will have a better understanding of major threats you are exposed, improve your perception of risks and how to act in different scenarios so you can live a safer life.

What Can We Do?

Criminal Equation


Reduce Exposure

  • Water and Foam
    Class A fires
  • Carbon dioxide
    Class B & C fires
  • Dry Powder
    Class D fires
  • Wet Chemical
    Class K fires

Layers of Security

  • Class C fires are fires involving energized electrical equipment.
  • There are four classes of fire, Class A, B, C and K.
  • Class B fires are those fires that occur involving paper and wood.
  • Class K fires are fires in cooking oils and greases.
  • Water will not extinguish most flammable liquid fires.

States of Mental Awareness



  • Unprepared and unready to take action.
  • Ignores surrounding.
  • Lacks of information.
  • Distracted and unconcerned.
  • Normal state of mind.


Expected state of mind

  • Prepared and aware of personal exposure.
  • Knows his routes.
  • Attentive but relaxed.
  • Best way to keep threats remote.
  • Acts preventive.

Recognize Potential Danger


  • Threat identified in advance.
  • Vision and hearing enhanced.
  • Strategy planned.
  • Ready to take action (respond).
  • Decided.



  • Risk has been materialized.
  • Complies, defends, recovers.
  • Breakdown of physical and mental performance.
  • Keeps calm, acts accordingly.
  • Protects himself.

Out and About

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  • Only one answer correct
  • The other is different

Multiple choice question

  • You can choose several
  • Or just one
  • Or another one

Which one is the image of a hand?

Select the right answer

  • Check 360 degrees
  • Test 2
  • Hold your bag

Should Things go Wrong


Select right and wrong answers

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