Call Centre General Knowledge

This is a General Knowledge Quiz for Selectus Call Centre Staff,

This course can be completed Open Book, however as a self-test, try to answer without having to look up the answer.

You will have the opportunity to re-take this test

True/False Section

Balance on a LeisureWise card can be carried on to the next FBT year

  • True
  • False

The customer needs to contact APEX when they change their Rego

  • True
  • False

There is no need for substantiate credit card packages

  • True
  • False

DHS clients can Package a laptop

  • True
  • False

A Rebatable employee pays FBT

  • True
  • False

The balance in SMART is available funds to transfer or payout

  • True
  • False

We can put the client’s budget into negative $500 (Catch-e)

  • True
  • False

Salary Packaging does not affect Centrelink or HECS payments

  • True
  • False

Multiple Choice Section

What is required to complete a client’s package

  • A. Package set up form
  • B. Package set up, substantiation & On-going expense declaration
  • C. Package set up, Substantiation & Ongoing expense declaration if applicable
  • D. Package set up form and Ongoing expense declaration

What is the maximum amount in real dollars that a PBI/Charity employee can package per FBT year for a NON GST item?

  • A. $30,000
  • B. $15,899.94
  • C. $611.53
  • D. $15049.94

A customer has moved to an employer who salary packages with Selectus. The customer has a Novated lease with another salary company, this is?

  • A. A Re-Lease, this needs to be transferred to David Huynh
  • B. A Transfer, the customer needs to send an email to [email protected] with their name, Current Employer, Finished Date and New employer.
  • C. A Transition, we need to know if who the finance company is and to send the customer the required template located in resources.
  • D. A new lease – put the call through to a Leasing Consultant.

What are all Non-GST items that are classed as “Full FBT Items”

  • A. Mortgage, Personal Loans, Rent Payments, Credit Cards, Lap top/ Notebook Computer.
  • B. Credit Cards, Mortgage, Personal Loans, Rent Payments, BenefitWise Card.
  • C. Credit Cards, Mortgage, Personal Loans, Rent Payments, Superannuation, BenefitWise Card.
  • D. Credit Cards, Mortgage, Personal Loans, Rent Payments, LeisureWise Card.

A customer has a large negative funds variance on their Driver Report, this is because

  • A. They have been over-spending on their fuel budget and the budget needs to be increased
  • B. Not enough funds have been paid from SMART to cover the required lease payments. An alteration needs to be done.
  • C. No reason, this will be fine if left.
  • D. This just happens, transfer whatever balance in SMART over to Catch-E.

The limit a Rebatable needs to earn to make salary packaging beneficial is

  • A. $0 and above
  • B. $40,000 and above
  • C. $61,000 and above
  • D. $80,000 and above

If a customer is with APEX insurance we tell the customer to contact APEX when

  • A. The customer has updated their registration and insurance
  • B. The customer has had an accident and would like to lodge a claim
  • C. The customer wants a Certificate of Currency
  • D. All of the above

16. The rules for superannuation are

  • A. You can package as much as you want to Superannuation
  • B. You can package $25,000 as Client reimbursement
  • C. You can package $25,000 including the 9% compulsory superannuation. Selectus can work the amount to package for the customer
  • D. You can package $25,000 including the 9% compulsory superannuation, per financial year. A financial advisor will need to be consulted if the customer is unsure how much to contribute.