Exclusive Events Project Management Refresher Course

This online training course is specially designed for Exclusive Events, a events coordination company in Johannesburg. Creating a project plan can be challenging even for experienced, qualified event planners. Sit back, relax and let this course guide you to become the best project planner you can be. 

Define the role of the project manager

How many skills of a project manager were discussed in this course?

Five main skills to become an effective Product Manager

In this module you will learn about the five main skills that are needed in a person to become an effective product manager. The five main skills are: Communication, leadership, team management, negotiating skills and personal organization.

Communication Skill: By learning how to effectively communicate you will develop a strong interpersonal skill. Communication works in two ways by sending and receiving messages. It can be verbal and non-verbal. We can express our vision, ideas, goals and issues around a specific project and are able to produce reports for example effectively briefing stakeholders on the advancement of the project.

Leadership Skill: A successful leader is able to motivate the team, build respect, follow up, manages risks and solve problems from a strategic perspective. Leaders need to be able to make good decisions and be able to analyze problems in a calm and collective manner.

Team Management Skill: Leading a team is all about effectively organizing and coordinating a group. A project manager should emphasize on teamwork, be able to delegate tasks, resolve conflicts, set goals and evaluate performance.

Negotiation Skill: To see a project as a success all parties should be satisfied in the end. Good negotiation can bring you an advantage to your project for example it can positively influence the use of resources, budgets and schedule.

Personal Organization: The smooth transition from one stage of a project to another depends on how well we are organized. Are we managing our time effectively? Are we sticking to the budget? Do we cover all contents of the project?

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