Introduction to Repair & Maintenance Compliance

The Operator License

This is the operator license:

Motor vehicles and trailers, including hired vehicles and trailers, are kept fit and serviceable

"The maintenance of the applicant's vehicle, including the inspection of vehicles at the appropriate time and the action taken to remedy defects found. " The transport manager signs the application and he confirms they understand their responsibilities.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of vehicles according to the operators license?

  • The Transport Manager
  • The Controller
  • Anybody working for the company
  • The MD
  • The driver
  • The workshop

Compliance with repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance compliance

  1. Trucks and trailers are scheduled for routine service and 

           inspection every 6 or 8 weeks

  2. HCC staff are not permitted to postpone, cancel or move scheduled maintenance appointments without the express permission of the LTM, Fleet Engineer or                     Fleet Support Services 
  3. If maintenance is not completed within 1 day of the end of the  scheduled week, the vehicle is removed from service.  Any operational demand to continue must have the Contractor Manager’s approval in writing 
  4. One of the conditions of our O licences is to maintain roadworthiness by strictly adhering to the service interval for both trucks and trailers 
  5. During DVSA fleet inspections, vehicle files and service sheets are carefully checked for  “extended maintenance periods”. Any found can have severe consequences
  6. Customer pressure for resource, VOR levels, being let down by the workshop and wanting a regular combination of truck & trailer to be done in the same week, are NOT valid excuses for not adhering to the maintenance schedule

Under which circumstances is it ok for a controller to move a periodic maintenance inspection

  • To prevent a grade out
  • If a customer becomes really angry
  • If it means that there is a driver without a truck
  • Never

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In which order would you contact the below to request to change service

  • The LTM
  • The Ops Manager
  • The fleet engineer

Annual test requirements

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