Getting Started: Introducing UniField

Getting Started: Introducing UniField!

MSF’s five Operational Centers (OCs) agreed that there is a need to look for a new, modern software program that helps not only to improve collaboration, utilization of resources across sections and rationalization of costs in the field, but also to improve consistency and accuracy in the data shared between Supply and Finance. To fulfill this need, UniField has been created. It is not just new software, it is a new way of working together!


UniField will be deployed in OCs over a few years and will gradually replace LogistiX7 and BooX. At the end of this course, you will be able to

This course will take 15 minutes to complete.

Enjoy the course!

Getting Started: Introducing UniField!

3 Questions: What? Why? How?

What is UniField?

UniField is a software application that integrates the work done by Supply and Finance into one system. It allows for the sharing of information across headquarters, coordination, projects, all operational sections and supply centers.

The significantly improved functional and technical capabilities of the software allow for automation of data sharing. This increases transparency and communication between departments and locations, and reduces mistakes.

UniField's architecture allows for online and offline working, using a special synchronization server to upload and download data when connectivity is available.

Why do we use UniField?

Several reasons led to the decision to implement UniField. First, there is a clear need to empower our staff with tools that will help improve current operations. For example, improved order and stock management, budget follow up and grant management.

Equally, there is a need for better visibility and traceability between the Supply and Finance chain which was difficult due to the use of different systems.

How do we use UniField?

The goal is for UniField to be used by all OCs and within OCA by all missions. It will be the primary tool used by both Finance and Supply. Some of the activities included in the tool are order and stock management as well as managing replenishments and forecasting in the Supply Chain. 

In Finance, UniField will allow for accrual-based accounting, double entries and automatic balance checking.

Meet the Users of UniField

We identify two types of users of UniField. First there are direct users who use UniField in their daily operations and for reporting. Second, there are indirect users who use it for analysis and support.

Multiple users can be logged on at the same time. No matter what type of user you are, you will always be sure to have the latest information available - that is the power of UniField!

The largest groups of users are in Supply and Finance. For supply, think of LogCos, SupplyLogs, LogAdmins, AllRoundLogs, Storekeepers and Purchasers. For Finance, think of FinCos, Assistant FinCo & HRCos, Bookkeepers, Cashiers, Admin Assistants and Administrators. 

There will be comprehensive support model in place once UniField is rolled out, including field, headquarters, ICT, finance and supply staff alongside a specialist shared software support service.

Benefits of UniField

UniField has been designed and developed to take the next step in our supply and finance models. While we acknowledge that the implementation won't happen overnight, we do see many benefits to rolling out the new processes and software. 

Top 10 Benefits

  1. Integration of finance and supply processes into one system reducing manual data checks and miscommunication between the departments.
  2. Adherence to international standards of operations. For example, by improving bookkeeping procedures with double entry accounting principle.
  3. Improved visibility in supply and finance work flows enhancing efficiency in processes.
  4. Provision of automation between finance and supply operations leading to improved consistency.
  5. Improvement in order management. From projects to coordination, the end users are able to trace the progress of orders that they have placed with coordination which improves reliability.
  6. Improved traceability from requesting to distribution. UniField captures the whole supply chain process including the payment of invoices in the system.
  7. UniField enables users to improve forecasting and reporting of both orders and payments, by capturing real time information and accurate budget data.
  8. Improved stock management allowing missions to know stock position at any time, improving precision in managing consumption and replenishment.
  9. Synchronization between projects and coordination.
  10. Offline usage enabled.

Training Opportunities & Next Steps

Depending on your role and position, you will use some UniField processes frequently and some once a month or even once a quarter. Additionally, you may use UniField every day or not that much depending on your day-to-day tasks.

In order to support you in adapting to the new way of working and the new tool, we have created different training materials. The training you will receive depends on your role and position.


Quiz Time!

Are you ready to test your knowledge? We've created a quick quiz for you to do just that!

And don't worry, we won't grade you or record your score. We just want to give you an opportunity to check your own understanding. 

Is this statement true or false?

  • UniField training is no "one size fits all" thing: training materials have been created to match the role you have in MSF, as well as your position.
  • UniField can only be operated online: it does not allow for offline working.
  • UniField is an application that integrates finance and supply processes.
  • UniField will be the primary tool used by both Finance and Supply.

Which is the largest group of UniField users?

  • The largest group of users are direct users and are mainly in Supply and Finance. The second-largest group of users are indirect users in operation/reporting.
  • All groups of users are exactly the same size.
  • The largest group of users are in Supply, then in Finance, then in operations/reporting.

Which benefit is not in the top 10 of UniField benefits?

  • Unifield enables users to improve weather forecasting and reporting of both sunny spells and showers.
  • UniField will make visibility in supply and finance flows better.
  • UniField makes it possible for end users to trace progress in orders that they have placed.
  • UniField will decrease manual data checks and miscommunication between departments.

Summary & Next Steps

Congratulations! You have now reached the end of the module Getting Started: Introducing UniField. 

You should now be able to explain in your own words why UniField is introduced in MSF and list some of the benefits of UniField.

You can now close this course. Depending on your role, you will have access to other training modules that will tell you more about how to use UniField.