MyTerminus Rails Introduction

Introduction to MyTerminus Application

Setup and Installation


Repo and Wiki

  • git clone [email protected]:GetTerminus/terminus.git
  • RVM setup and bundle install
  • Modify .env and run rake db:setup
  • rails server


Basic Models

  • Campaign
    has many Tactics
  • Tactic
    Belongs to a Campaign
  • Marketer
    Has many Campaigns

Progression Member and Membership

  • Membership keeps track of Progression
  • Member can be used to find out what account triggered the Progression
  • An Account can only be progressed or not progressed. Never both.

Sort models into proper Hierarchy

  • Marketer
  • Campaign
  • Tactic
  • Account
  • Membership

Membership vs Member

Membership vs Member

  • One of these models is concerned with tying the account to to the 3rd party System.
  • The other is concerned with tracking the individuals in an Account, in the scope of a Tactic.

An Account is global to a Marketer

Accounts can be tied to an external 3rd party ie: Salesforce

We typically target many people in an account.

   For example.  Oracle has several thousand individuals.

An Account, can be in several different Tactics.

Accounts are progressed against a tactic, not in a global manor.

  • Member
    Ties an Account to a 3rd Party System
  • Membership
    The individuals being targeted by the Account in a Tactic.

Tactics and Campaign Status

Place the Tactic Account Status in the correct order

Accounts have a status in three scenarios

  1. as it relates to a specific Tactic
  2.  as it relates to a Campaign.
  3. Global state accoss all Campaigns and Tactics

There are many Tactics in a Campaign, so it's possible to have divergent states.

Study Material:

Status are determined via waterfall

 This means that if the Account matches the criteria for status 1, it will be considered status 1 even if it matches status 2.

List more important states are listed at top.

This is in the scope of the Tactic

  • invalid
  • progressed
  • unmatched
  • pending_validation
  • deleted
  • inactive
  • active

Place the Global Account Status in the correct order

List more important states at top

  • Progressed
  • Pending Validation
  • Deleted
  • Inactive
  • Un-Matched
  • Active

Global Account Status

Global Account Status.  Regardless of what campaign or Tactic it is in.

  • Account is "Progressed" only if progressed in all Tactics
  • Account is "Pending Validation" only if it is pending validation in all Campaigns
  • The Account is "Deleted" when deleted from 1 or more Tactics
  • The Account is "UnMatched" when unmatched in all Campaigns

The Trade Desk

Trade Desk Basics

  • Terminus owns and operates The Trade Desk
  • We receive CSV reports from the Trade Desk
  • We send Creative material to the Trade Desk via API
  • Submitted Tactics will automatically start spending money on The Trade Desk without Human Intervention
  • AdOps Can provide additional fine tuning beyond what the Campaign Wizard offers

Trade Desk Data Models

All of these belong to a specific Tactic.

Training Material:

  • Ad Group
  • Audience
  • DataGroup
  • First Party Data Ids